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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

In a strange leap-of-faith moment, Emily just happens to be standing around talking to Lorelai as Rory walks past. Emily grabs Rory and tells her that it's time to say a few words to all of her guests, thanking them for coming. Lorelai tries to get Rory out of the job, but Emily says it's what Rory is supposed to do since it's her party. Rory freaks out on Emily and says, "I am not the hostess. You are." Lorelai tries to calm Rory down but Rory goes on, telling Emily, "This is your party and these are your guests and I don't have anything to say to them, so you give the speech." Emily is shocked. Rory excuses herself. Lorelai asks, "What was that all about?" As three catty women holding champagne glasses stand behind Emily and stare, Emily turns to Lorelai and says, "Lorelai, your daughter has no manners whatsoever. You should be ashamed of yourself." Emily walks off and Lorelai wonders aloud how this all turned out to be her fault. Rory really didn't have to blow up in front of Emily in front of everyone. It only made her look like a bigger baby. She should have pulled Emily into the debating room. Because if anyone that age sassed someone Emily's age in front of those people, she would have been answered by a smack to the face. I'm just sayin'. ["She should have kept her voice down, for sure, but Emily also shouldn't have expected her to give a damn speech at a party she didn't want to have full of people she was either indifferent to, or hated. I just see where Rory's coming from, is all." -- Wing Chun]

There's this quick bumper before we go back to the episode telling people the basic plotline of Gilmore Girls for those just turning in. I guess Cursed is sending people our way. Welcome.

Lorelai finds Rory in her old room. Rory apologizes for snapping at Emily. She tells Lorelai that all of those Chilton kids were invited without Emily's asking Rory. Lorelai asks why Rory didn't tell her about it. Rory said she didn't want to spoil the peace between Emily and Lorelai. Lorelai says Rory will just apologize and things will be better, and adds that it's strange being back in that bedroom. She points at the giant dollhouse at the foot of the bed and says, "You know they gave this to me with the glass on." Rory says that she officially knows what it must have been like for Lorelai growing up in that house. Lorelai replies, "It's not official until you're huddled in a corner eating your hair." Rory asks about Lorelai's last birthday in that house. Lorelai says that she fought with her parents; Lorelai was pregnant but her parents didn't know. After the fight she ended up back in that room. Lorelai says that when she told her parents she was pregnant, it was the only time that they looked small to her. Emily walks in and tells them that they are being very rude. Rory tries to apologize, but Emily tells her to leave the room.

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