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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

Emily stands at the door saying goodbye to her guests as the last ones leave. Lorelai thanks her for the party, and Rory asks if she can talk to her for a second. Emily calls Grandpa over instead. Grandpa tells Rory that he knows Emily already bought a gift and signed his name to it -- "It was part of the agreement when we got married" -- But he got her something else. He hands her an envelope "for Fez." I like this; they don't go into this giant "What Fez Means" thing, and just assume that we're all intelligent and can carry story lines over from one episode to the next. Even after just welcoming new viewers to the show, they aren't dumbing it down to catch everyone up. It's a nice touch. Grandpa tells Rory that she's a good girl, and wishes her a happy birthday. Emily tells Rory and Lorelai that they should get going. Rory invites her to her party tomorrow, but Emily tells her she has other plans. Lorelai tells Rory to go to the car without her. I smell a showdown.

As Emily barks at the help again, Lorelai tells her that she should come to the birthday party. Emily says that she was humiliated this evening and doesn't want to do that again. Lorelai says that Emily shouldn't have invited all of the schoolkids without asking Rory first. Emily says that she assumed they were Rory's friends. Lorelai says that Emily knows what they say when you assume things. Emily says she doesn't know. Lorelai stammers, "'t." "Very clever," sniffs Emily. Lorelai says that Rory doesn't like those kids. Emily says that it was good manners to invite the Chilton kids, but that Rory doesn't have any manners. Lorelai tells Emily that she's doing the same thing to Rory she used to do to Lorelai, in that she tries to control her but when she can't she just shuts her out. Emily says she's too tired to continue arguing and offers to go find a pencil for Lorelai to write down her insults for tomorrow so she doesn't forget them. Lorelai says that she has a "crushed kid out in the car." Emily says she'll just forget about it all if that helps. Lorelai brings up the pudding again. More bickering. Emily tells Lorelai that she did all of this work on this party for Rory, and Rory didn't care. Lorelai says that all Rory needs is for her to come to her party. More arguing. Lorelai says that Emily doesn't know her at all. Emily snaps that Lorelai isn't as mysterious as she likes to think she is, and that right now she's being very rude and disruptive to the staff that's trying to clean up. Emily starts screaming at the staff and Lorelai says she gives up, and turns to go. Emily starts, "If I had a dollar for every time you gave up..." and Lorelai finishes, "Then you could pay for this party, couldn't you?" Silence. End of scene.

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