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Rory's Birthday Parties

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Pudding. Just another reason to hate Bill Cosby.

Rory is very happy to see her grandparents and gives them a giant hug. She asks where Grandpa's tie is. He says he thought he'd "mix it up a little." Rory then shows Emily that she's wearing her bracelets. Lorelai introduces them to everyone. Miss Patty walks up and introduces herself and flirts with Grandpa. Lorelai offers to get them a drink. Emily declines. Lorelai tells her that she's going to want a drink and that she has wineglasses with "Holiday Inn" on them. Emily asks for a Stoli on the rocks with a twist.

In the kitchen, Lorelai does the Sookie Recap again. Sookie asks when the last time when the grandparents were there last. Never. They've never come to visit. Sookie says she's glad that Rory is so happy. Emily walks in and compliments the food and asks Lorelai who the caterer is. Lorelai introduces Sookie, and tells Emily that she's the chef at the inn. Emily tells Sookie that she'll have to cater her next party. Lorelai reminds Emily that Sookie already has a job. At the inn. The inn she goes to every day. Where she works. Where they both work. Six days a week. The inn. Because Emily is still dumbfounded Lorelai tells Sookie just to give Emily her number so that they can go back to the party.

Sookie runs up to Lorelai and tells her that they're out of ice. Catastrophe. Lorelai says she'll go to get some more. As she hits the door she walks into Mr. Nutrition who has just arrived with two bags of ice. Lots of hugging and wiggling as Emily watches from the doorway. Lorelai introduces Mr. Nutrition to Emily and he says he should get the ice to the freezer before it melts. "Well, not very likely in here," Lorelai smiles. Emily gives the two of them a once-over.

Rory walks out onto the porch and brings Grandpa a Cosmo to read. She tells him there's a quiz in there to determine if he's a summer or a fall. Grandpa thanks her and begins reading. I love Grandpa. He's such a good sport. But why is he on the porch? ["I figured that it was because the big crowd of people gave him the willies, and that, unlike at the party the night before, he didn't have any work cronies to talk business with, and thus spare himself having to socialize." -- Wing Chun]

The rest of the party is gathered in the living room listening to Sally Struthers warble that Rory used to the think the tree stump in her back yard was inhabited by fairies. Emily sits on a chair behind them and listens, smiling. Miss Patty shares stories off Rory taking ballet lessons. They all sit around the iBook and laugh, because Apple products mean happy families. Emily gets up and walks upstairs.

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