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A Christmas Rory

Emily sees that Lorelai has fallen asleep and takes the remote from her hand. Lorelai wakes up just a bit and says that the movie isn't over yet. Emily says she'll tell her how it ends. Emily tucks Lorelai in with a blanket and brushes her hair back. As Emily stands up to walk away Lorelai mumbles quietly, "Thank you, Mommy." Emily stares at Lorelai with surprise and love, grabs a magazine and quietly walks over to a chair. She checks her watch.

CuteDean and Rory have their coffees and are walking through the snow. "That was quite a dance," CuteDean says. Rory says she doesn't know what got into Philllipppe. "I do," CuteDean says. "What?" CuteDean: "He has a thing for you." Rory says he doesn't and that it's like a game for him. "He has a thing for you," CuteDean repeats. Rory says that he just insults her and makes her miserable, and CuteDean insists, "He has a thing for you." Rory says she doesn't know how she feels about all of this. "Having my boyfriend defend my honor." CuteDean asks about the word "boyfriend." Rory quickly says that she didn't mean "boyfriend." She says that defending her was very "boyfriend-y" and not that she meant he was her boyfriend. Rory sounds very worried that she just screwed up. "I don't think you're my boyfriend," she says quickly. "Dean?" "What?" "Are you my boyfriend?" He says he is if she wants him to be. "I do," she says and stops walking. CuteDean smiles, walks back to her and says, "Okay." It's settled. He's her boyfriend. They keep walking. My first boyfriend, my first real boyfriend, informed me that I was now his girlfriend by saying the following: "Well, I just broke up with my girlfriend because you said you wouldn't kiss me anymore if I didn't, and she would have sex with me and stuff, so you'd better be really good at being my girlfriend and stuff because I just gave up a girl that had sex for a girl that really only kissed me like, twice, and I rode my skateboard all the way over here to tell you this, so I'm going to take my shirt off now because I'm all sweaty, and you'd better know what to do when I do it. I'm going to put on a Richard Pryor album now so we can make out, but don't ask me about condoms because they're stupid. Here. I found this flower outside." It's charming if you think about it like you're fourteen and no one has ever told you that you're pretty. Otherwise, yeah, it's pretty revolting. Dammit, CuteDean, where the fuck were you?

They pass in front of Miss Patty's. "I'm feeling pretty good about this decision," she says. CuteDean says he's glad to hear it. Rory notices that Miss Patty forgot to lock the door to the studio. CuteDean says he's never seen inside the studio before. Rory looks at him.

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