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A Christmas Rory

Inside the studio, Rory shows CuteDean all of the pictures of Miss Patty on the walls. Rory makes a joke about Miss Patty and then drops her bag. "I'll get it," CuteDean instantly says, and picks up her bag. He remarks on how heavy the bag is and asks what she has in there. "I don't know. A lipstick. Five-dollar bill. Gum. Hairspray. A book." CuteDean: "You brought a book to the dance?" He asks if she thought there'd be a lot of down time. She says she just brings a book everywhere she goes. It's habit. The writers of this show have been reading my high-school diaries, I swear to God. He asks what she's reading. The Portable Dorothy Parker. ["I own that very book." -- Wing Chun] He reads a poem and they settle down into a beanbag. He has his arm around her. "Thank you for tonight," she says. "It was perfect." "You're welcome," he says, and kisses her. They go back to the book.

Dark fade to signify time passing, and we do an overhead shot of Rory and CuteDean, now asleep on the beanbag. Their heads are on each other's shoulders. Wouldn't it be cold in that studio? Oh, whatever. I don't care.

Morning. Miss Patty opens the studio to let her class in. The class consists of a group of older ladies who immediately find Rory (calling her "Lorelai's girl") and CuteDean ("the boy from the market") and call Miss Patty over. Rory wakes up in confusion and quickly realizes where she is. She wakes up CuteDean. He asks what time it is. It's 5:30. "Oh, my God! We fell asleep!" Rory moans. CuteDean tells her to calm down and that he'll explain it to Lorelai. He hands her all her things. "I have to go!" Rory shouts and runs through the crowd of women. CuteDean runs after her, telling her to calm down and that everything will be okay.

Outside, Rory is in a full run. ["Barefoot in the snow, no less." -- Wing Chun] CuteDean says he'll go with her and explain everything. She says he can't come with her. Doesn't he have parents that will want to know what's going on, too? ["They're from Chicago so they're probably just glad he's not fixing mayoral elections or grinding people up into sausages." -- Wing Chun] She says he can't be anywhere near her house right now. He says it's not their fault. She says she knows, but that she has to go home. He stops her from running and begs her to let him come with her. She tells him that he can't, breaks away, and runs down the street.

Back pain be dammed, Emily is shaking Lorelai awake. She says that Rory isn't home. She fell asleep and it's 5:30 and Rory's not home. Lorelai gets a bit teary and starts calling Rory's name as she walks through the house. Emily keeps harping that Rory isn't there. Emily tells Lorelai to call the police. Lorelai tells her to stop yelling at her and that she's looking for the phone. Emily starts harping about the condition of the house, and that if things were cleaner she wouldn't lose the phone. Lorelai tells Emily to stop yelling. "Rory is missing!" Emily shouts. Lorelai says she knows that, but that yelling isn't helping. The phone starts ringing. Lorelai finds it and answers. It's Miss Patty, telling her that Rory is on the way home. Lorelai thanks her and hangs up. Emily starts asking for information. Lorelai tells her that Miss Patty found Rory and CuteDean asleep there. "What condition were they in?" Emily asks. Lorelai says that Miss Patty didn't say but that they shouldn't get concerned until they find out what happened. Emily says they know what happened, since Rory and CuteDean were out all night. Lorelai tells Emily that Rory's a good kid and that nothing happened. Emily says she won't stand by and watch Lorelai let Rory ruin her life. "Back off," Lorelai says. Emily starts talking about Rory and CuteDean, but Lorelai says she doesn't want to get into this with her. Emily says that Rory is going to get pregnant. Lorelai says she isn't. "She's going to ruin everything just like you ruined everything," Emily intones. "No, she's not!" Lorelai starts yelling. She says that Rory's a good kid and not like her, and that she's not going to do that. "What kind of mother are you to allow this to happen to her?" Emily asks. "Oh, I don't know, Mom. What kind of mother were you?" ["That line chilled me, I don't mind saying." -- Wing Chun] Emily says she's going to lose Rory just like Emily lost Lorelai. Lorelai says she's not going to lose Rory, and that even if she hadn't gotten pregnant Emily still would have lost Lorelai: "You suffocated me in that house. I had no life. I had no air. You strangled me. I do not strangle Rory." Emily says she's tired of hearing how horrible a mother she was. She put Lorelai in good schools. She gave her the best of everything and made sure she had the finest opportunities. She says if she was so controlling, how come she couldn't control Lorelai from getting pregnant and throwing her life away? "Get out!" Lorelai shouts. She says she won't have Emily coming into her house telling her that she threw her life away. "This is a life!" she says.

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