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A Christmas Rory

Lorelai sits reads a magazine and yells for Rory to hurry up. Rory says she's primping. "You're sixteen and have skin like a baby's ass! There's no need to primp!" Rory walks in and twirls. "Wow," Lorelai says, "Somebody hit you with the pretty stick," but unfortunately we don't get the shot of her we got in the commercials for this episode where you can see the awe in Lauren Graham's face. Lorelai says that Rory looks beautiful and Rory says Lorelai outdid herself. Lorelai fixes a stray hair on Rory and for a second Rory looks just like my little sister. Great. That's all I need. More emotional ties to this damn show. I'm a wreck already, people. Lorelai says the shoes are her favorite. Rory says they hurt so she's just going to put them on right before she leaves. Lorelai says that Rory should put them on right now so her feet can get really numb. Rory leaves to get hairspray as the doorbell rings. Lorelai shouts that it's open. It's Sookie with tacos and burritos for later when Lorelai gets hungry. Lorelai says that Sookie takes such good care of her. Rory runs in to have Sookie look at her and Sookie gushes and says that Rory looks like a movie star. Sookie says something about Rory having to walk down staircases because movie stars always walk down staircases. Lorelai offers to spray Rory's hair but Sookie says Lorelai should stay still. Sookie then immediately sprays the hairspray into her eye. Sookie starts to walk off to find something to wash her face with, since her eyelashes are all stuck together. Lorelai tells Rory to put the tacos away (which I admire-- most writers wouldn't have thought of that) and she sprays Rory's hair. Sookie calls from the other room asking if the liquid she just used in the bathroom was soap. It wasn't, and Rory runs in to help as the doorbell rings again. It's Emily, and she's ready to see Rory. She gets her camera out and stands ready to snap as she calls Rory back into the room. Rory has a towel hanging out of the front of her dress and she's eating a taco. The picture moment is ruined. "She has lived with you too long," Emily drones to Lorelai. Lorelai tells Rory to get ready for the "pretty picture." Sookie walks out with a towel to her face and says she's going to walk home. She does the blind jokes where you stare at nothing and talk or you look at the wrong person while you speak. You know how that goes. Lorelai says she should call in fifteen minutes or she'll send out a search party. Sookie says that she should call her if she needs any help getting up the stairs. Lorelai darts a look at Emily and says she'll be fine. Sookie leaves and Emily asks why she'd need help up the stairs. Lorelai says there's no reason and yells at Rory to hurry up. Emily notices that Lorelai hasn't moved. She asks if she's hurt. Lorelai says she has a little back spasm but that it's no big deal. Emily asks what kind of back spasm, and Lorelai answers, "I don't know, Mom. Just a normal one." Emily says that if they were normal they wouldn't be called "spasms." Rory walks out and Emily starts snapping pictures like a photo shoot. She tells Lorelai she's happy that she decided to buy her a dress instead. Lorelai winks at Rory.

A car horn is heard outside and Rory says it's CuteDean. She turns to leave but Lorelai calls her back for a kiss and a hug. Rory kisses Emily on the cheek and starts to go, but Emily calls her back: "You do not go running out the door when a boy honks." Lorelai says that it's fine, but Emily says that for a big event like this the boy should come to the front door and meet the family and escort Rory out to the car: "This is not fast food. She is not fried chicken." Rory says that she told CuteDean to honk and that she'd meet him out there. "We agreed," she whines. Oh, man, I know that feeling. What if he just drives off and thinks she doesn't want to go to the dance? What if he'd rather go home then come in and get her? Emily says that if CuteDean really wants to take her to the dance then he'd knock and come in and spend some time with them before he takes her out, "like any civilized human being." Wow. That's my mother talking, right there. That's five of her favorite words in order. Lorelai says she's already met CuteDean and it's okay, but Emily says she hasn't and that they will all wait until he comes to the door. Rory says he doesn't know he's supposed to. "He'll figure it out," Emily says. Another horn. Rory stomps and exhales and leans against a table. More honking. They all stand uncomfortably. Lorelai looks incredibly apologetic. More honking. Rory gives Emily a look that says, "See?" Emily looks at Lorelai and says, "He's not a very bright boy, is he?" Lorelai pleads to let Rory go. The doorbell rings several times. Rory starts to run but Emily stops her. "A lady never rushes." Rory gives her a smirk and walks off, but as soon as she passes the doorway she breaks into a bolt again. She opens the door. CuteDean says, "Hey!" He then sees how pretty she is and lamely adds, "I thought I was supposed to honk." Rory apologizes and then Emily is standing behind her. "Young man. Come in here, please." Rory looks at CuteDean. CuteDean looks down and walks into the house. CuteDean says hello to Emily and Lorelai says they can leave. "Be home by eleven," Emily says. CuteDean and Rory look over Emily's shoulder. "Twelve," Lorelai mouths. They leave. Emily turns to Lorelai and asks what she knows about CuteDean. Lorelai says she knows that Rory likes him and that his parole officer thinks he should be completely rehabilitated soon. He's a good kid and everything is going to be fine. She'll call tomorrow with all of the details. Emily says that Lorelai shouldn't be left alone tonight since she can hardly move so she should stay. Lorelai says it really isn't necessary. Emily asks what she'll do if she has to go to the bathroom. "I don't go anymore, Mom. I gave it up cold turkey." She stands up to prove that she's just fine. Emily asks her to move around. Lorelai stands perfectly still and says she's moving around just fine. Lorelai falls back to the couch. Emily gets up and says she's going to make some tea. "Please tell me you have something besides Lipton," she shouts as she walks into the kitchen. Lorelai grumbles and says very quietly, "Oh, a stroke would be so good right about now." Fade to commercial.

Rory and CuteDean are in the car driving to the dance. Rory thinks maybe they should forget about the dance because it's not really such a big deal. CuteDean says if she wants to, they can. She remarks about the kids at Chilton. "Have you seen The Outsiders?" she asks. CuteDean has. "Just call me Ponyboy," she says. Okay, possible shout-out if they read my Get Real recaps where I mention that The Outsiders was one of my favorite books ever and I couldn't believe they were letting Cameron call it "Fly." She says that she heard the place they were going was beautiful, old, and historic, and that maybe they could just go in and see it for a few minutes. CuteDean says that's fine. "Or not," she says. "Fine, too." She says it's stupid that she can't decide. "What do you think?" she asks him. "I think...that you look amazing tonight," he says, because he's CuteDean and he always says the perfect thing. "Maybe just a couple minutes won't hurt," she smiles.

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