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A Christmas Rory

CuteDean asks Rory if she'd like some punch. He leaves. She turns and finds Jake standing in front of her. He makes small talk and then asks if CuteDean is her boyfriend. She stammers around about how she's not sure because they've only been going out for a little while. "So, there's still a little room to play," Jake says. ["Ew. Who is this kid, Larry Flynt?" -- Wing Chun] He asks her to dance. She declines. He asks for her phone number. She says, "I'm sorry, aren't you here with Paris?" He says he is. She says he probably should be asking for her phone number then. He tells her that Paris is his cousin. She asks if he's serious. He is. "You're related?" "Yeah." Rory smiles and says, "Jacob, it's been very nice to meet you. I hope you have a lovely evening." She spins and walks away.

Lorelai and Emily are watching television. Emily points out Barbara Stanwyck and says she used to love her: "She had that wonderful voice. That husky, deep voice." Lorelai says that Emily sounds a bit like Barbara Stanwyck. Emily says she doesn't. Lorelai says that Emily could have gotten Fred MacMurray to "off Dad" if she wanted him to. Emily smiles and says that Lorelai really does enjoy teasing her. Lorelai smiles and says that she does. Emily starts talking about how wonderful Rory looked tonight. Lorelai confesses that she made the dress. "You did a lovely job," Emily tells her. "With Rory and the dress." Lorelai thanks her. They look at each other for a second and then quickly stare at other things. Emily starts to clear the table. She picks up the plate of banana toast and asks Lorelai if she really doesn't remember her making it when she was a kid. Emily says she did and Lorelai loved it. Lorelai says she'll give it a try. She takes a bite. For old toast, it's still pretty crunchy. She makes a noise. "Yes?" Emily asks. "It's even more disgusting than I thought it was going to be," Lorelai says. Emily says it couldn't be that bad and takes a bite. She starts wailing, "Oh, my God, it's horrible!" Lorelai laughs as Emily runs the food to the kitchen.

Rory and CuteDean sit at a table. Rory has now taken her shoes off and is holding them. CuteDean asks if she wants to go. "You're bored. Of course, let's go," she says. He says he's not bored and they don't have to leave yet if she doesn't want to. He says that since there's a little time left he thought she might like to get some coffee, hang out, and take a little walk. She says that'd be nice. She gets up to leave but he says she should stay and he'll get the coats. As soon as CuteDean's gone, Paris moves in and asks, "So. How many people have you told?" Rory asks what she's talking about. Paris says she knows that Rory knows that Jacob is her cousin and now she can get her back by telling everyone. Fraulein jumps the gun here and starts listening from far away. Rory says she only wants to get away from Paris. Paris leans in more and says, "And now you can just go all over the school and just tell everyone that Paris Gellar couldn't get a date to the dance. That she has no one and since she couldn't just not come she had to get her mother to ask her cousin Jacob to take her and that she had to give him gas money just to make him do it. Go ahead. Tell them!" Paris has some crazy cleavage going on. Rory says she doesn't have to tell everyone, because Paris just did. And indeed, everyone is standing there listening. Paris walks off and Rory looks uncomfortable.

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