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The Day My Maw Got Out Of Prison Rory bringing her new arty friends back to Logan's apartment. The tall one in the stupid dress is telling a story of an audition from last semester in which some goateed sophomore from Arkansas insisted that a girl could not play Oscar Wilde. Since she's melodramatic enough to pull it off, it's a true shame she didn't get that part. The new girls are dumbfounded when they see the inside of Logan's place, and immediately declare him rich and start messing with his stuff. The one with the dumb shorts turns on the music system and starts dancing around, while Tall One whips out the popcorn machine and pours enough for about seventy people. Can Rory not know some normal, non-annoying people? Is Yale full of nothing but quirky, ambiguously gay freaks? Logan calls and hears the music and is immediately weirdly jealous of her new friends, especially when Rory asks if she can call him back later.

Chris walks Lorelai to her door as she continues to glow over the whole Emily arrest. She points out that this is one favor the universe has owed her for a long time. "Somewhere in my youth or childhood..." she says. Chris: "You must have done something good." At the door, he sighs a worried sigh. "I feel like I might have gotten overshadowed a little bit," he says. "I mean, how's my little barn movie supposed to compare to your mom in jail?" Great question, but Lorelai assures him that the jail thing was just the cherry on top of the evening. "I loved our date," she says. "It was amazing. I loved the movie. I'll never forget the movie I saw the night I picked my mother up from jail." He laughs. "You're never going to get tired of saying that, are you?" he asks. She shakes her head. "'Picked up my mom from jail?'" she repeats. "No, I don't think I ever will." She's mostly glad, she says, that he was the one that was with her when she got to do it, since anyone else would have thought she was deranged for laughing so much. "You just get it, and you're fun," she says, as he pulls her into a kiss. "It's just so nice to be with someone who understands you." They smooch and pull away. He tells her he'll call her tomorrow. "Gigi's with her grandmother, you said?" she asks, and as George Gershwin takes us out, she asks him into the house.

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