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The Day My Maw Got Out Of Prison

Lorelai asks what else is going on at the Sookie/Jackson house, and Sookie delightedly tells her that Martha is really close to walking. She invites Lorelai to come over the next night for dinner. "Maybe you'll see the inaugural steps!" she says. Lorelai smiles, and says that she'd love to, but...Sookie gets it immediately. "Buuut," she sing-songs with irritation, "you wanna wait to see if Christopher calls and asks you out first, and then if he doesn't, you'll come over." Mean, but she's right, and Lorelai doesn't bother attempting to deny it. Sookie continues in the teasing sing-song. "Because you can 'just date' the father of your child," she says. Lorelai says that yes, it turns out you can, and that it's been a fun six weeks. "We're taking it slowly," she says, "just getting to know each other again." Sookie points out that they've known each other for more than thirty years. Lorelai has had enough of this line of interrogation and lightly tells Sookie to get off her back. Sookie says it's just that the whole breakup with Luke wasn't all that long ago. "I know," Lorelai says, "I remember. I was there." Sookie feels bad, now, for coming down on her, and says it's just that she knows when a big breakup happens, it's natural to have a rebound thing. "You know, a big, bouncy rubber ball of a rebound thing," she says, "it's good." But, she goes on, a rebound is like a twenty-eight year old surfer, or a jazz saxophonist who drives a VW bus. "It's not the father of your only child," she says. "Christopher is not your rubber ball! He's a big, heavy bowling ball!" Lorelai says she'll tell Chris she said that, and immediately has the chance when, much to Sookie's obvious chagrin, Lorelai's phone rings with a call from the bowling ball. Sookie makes the Face of Ugh we're all feeling.

Chris asks if Lorelai's available for the next night. "Well, I don't know," she says, all happy, "is there some reason you're checking my availability?" Sookie hears this and starts banging pots and pans around as a distraction while Chris goes on and on that he's got a fun date planned -- "Snakes on a boat?!" Lorelai asks -- and says he'll pick her up at 6. "Okay," Lorelai trills, "I'll be there at 6 to be picked up!" At this, Sookie slices a vicious gourd slice, most likely dreaming that it's Chris's head.

Back at Logan's fancy apartment, Rory is unpacking her rocket (heeee!) and looks around all morose. She makes it about .005 seconds before taking out her phone and calling him. When she does not get an answer, she leaves him an embarrassing co-dependent message and frumps down on the bed. When the phone immediately rings, she assumes it's him calling her back, but in fact it is Grandpa. He has interesting news. As Emily rifles through his entire wardrobe in the background, he tells her that his old friend and former fellow Whiffenpoof, the dean of undergrad education, has invited him to be a visiting economics lecturer at Yale this semester. He is, he tells her, very excited. Rory congratulates him and suggests that they have dinner to celebrate after his first class on Thursday, but Richard says he's already promised himself to the dean. This news surprises Emily, who had planned for them to dine with the Sudberrys. She makes the incomparable personal sacrifice of agreeing to have dinner with them, alone. "Oh," she cries, "the life of a faculty widow." Have I mentioned my husband is preparing to become a college professor? I am hoping being a faculty widow comes with more perks than the life of a grad student widow. Surely, the beer will be better.

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