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The Day My Maw Got Out Of Prison

OH MY GOD. The French guys are killing me. I can only understand about half of what they're saying, but it's so awesome and has repeatedly included the words "fried chicken."

Luke and April have taken their much-anticipated trip to Target, and Luke is marveling over their spoils as if he's never been shopping or bought anything in his life. He seems particularly proud of April's choices of items in cerulean blue. "I'm really into cerulean," she says. Luke cutely says that he can see why. April says that she went through a phase where everything had to be olive, but that she woke up one day realizing she hated it. Luke says that he's really glad they shopped, because it was fun and the place looks great. "And," April says, cutting her eyes sideways, "now, anytime you want, you could have a nice dinner on this table." She says he could put flowers in his new vase and light his new candles. Luke suggests they try it all out that night for dinner. "Yeah," she says. "OR, you could do it when you have a...a lady over." Luke: "Oh..." April ramps up the pressure, but he deflects, saying she should get to her homework. "Actually," she reminds him, "they don't give homework on the first day of school." She says that one teacher threatened homework, but that it ended up being just a direction for students to cover their books. "I mean," she concludes, "how lame is that?" Luke agrees that it's very lame and as she goes to get some grocery bags to cover her books (aw, I did exactly the same thing) and Luke gives her yet another lingering, fatherly glance.

Finally, after apparently driving over hill and dale, Chris and Lorelai arrive at their date location...the side of a barn that looks like the scene of many, many chainsaw murders. "Are we at Woodstock?" Lorelai asks. "I think we're late." Suddenly, from behind them, a projector starts up, and Funny Face starts up. "I love this movie," Lorelai says, completely overwhelmed and stunned. She smiles at him over and over while he pulls out movie candy and drinks and says it's about time they saw a movie they couldn't complain about.

Richard is packing up his professorial briefcase and talking to Emily as she drives home from her dinner with the Sudberrys. He says his class went all right, but that he was alarmed by the boys in undershirts and baseball caps and the girls in pajamas in flip-flops who attended his course. I love Richard and Emily...when they are talking to each other. They chat about the Sudberrys and how boring they are and say goodbye so he can go to his dinner with the dean.

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