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The Longest Summer

Emily storms into Richard's office and tells him that he has to call Rory tomorrow and apologize. She orders him to tell Rory that Dean is welcome anytime. Richard asks whether Emily has gone insane. "Our daughter is getting married," Emily says. She says that Lorelai's getting married and didn't tell them. She hopes that when Rory decides to get married, she will want to share that knowledge with them. Emily walks out of the room repeating, "Call her tomorrow." Outside Richard's office, Emily begins to cry.

Max and Lorelai are sitting on the porch swing as Lorelai finishes telling the story of the day's events. "That's the family you want to marry into," she says. Max says he must be insane. He gives her the ring. Lorelai likes it. It's too big. Max wants to take it back to get it sized, but Lorelai doesn't want to give it back. She says she'll eat a lot of salt and bloat up. Max says he wants to have it back to get it sized and then she'll never have to take it off again: "In fact, I'll insist on it." They kiss, and Lorelai asks to wear the ring for a few minutes. She leans into his side and stares at her hand. Max watches her hand as well. "I'm getting married," Lorelai smiles as Part I comes to a close.

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