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The Longest Summer

Lorelai walks over to the newly installed newspaper stand in Stars Hollow. Let's hope that Newspaper Stand Man is just a one-time occurrence. Bootsy is his name. I'm hoping that's a shout-out to Savannah Smiles. Or Parliament Funkadelic. Bootsy reads from his tabloid that they shoot pig gland into Ivanna Trump's ass twice a month to keep her looking young. "Wow, hope she's not Kosher," Lorelai jokes. "I don't know. Doesn't say here," Bootsy says, for no comedic effect. Lorelai starts to walk off, and finds that the entire right side of the newsstand is covered in bridal magazines. She slows down and eventually walks backwards and stares at the magazines. Happy music starts to play. Lorelai raises her hand to touch one of the magazines and Bootsy says, "Hey!" Lorelai jumps back, the happy music abruptly stops, and I'm getting Ally McBeal flashes in a way that makes me uncomfortable. Bootsy asks whether Lorelai's a Leo. Lorelai says she's not. Bootsy says that's a good thing because "those guys are screwed this week." Wacky music starts up again, and Lorelai grabs a magazine. She opens it and starts looking at the dresses. She makes a few noises and shakes her head. Bootsy keeps reading his tabloid. "Whatcha reading?" Rory interrupts. Wacky music gets yanked, and Lorelai tells Rory to not sneak up on a person like that. Rory's beaming over the wedding material. She asks Lorelai whether she got any ideas. Lorelai says they should have cake more often. Rory pays for the magazine. Miss Patty walks up at this moment and freaks out when she sees the bridal magazine in Lorelai's hand. Miss Patty and Rory celebrate that Lorelai said yes. Lorelai reminds them that she's still standing right there and she hadn't said yes yet. Patty says that Max is a great man. ["Patty is clearly high." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai agrees. Patty asks Lorelai whether she's told Luke yet. Lorelai says she hasn't, because it just happened last night. Patty gets very solemn. Lorelai says it's not a big deal, adding that she's on her way over right now, and will tell him then. "Be gentle," Patty says. Lorelai says that she and Luke are.... "Just friends," Patty echoes with Lorelai. Patty's got daisies chained around her neck. Rory grabs Lorelai by the shoulders and pushes her towards Luke's. "Well, it is," Lorelai says to Rory as they walk off. Rory says she knows. Behind Rory and Lorelai, Patty's assembling a group of townies, whispering that Lorelai is about to tell Luke the news. Lorelai wonders why nobody believes her about Luke. Lorelai and Rory chatter on about nothing as a very large group of people gathers behind Lorelai and Rory like Drew Carey's about to bust out with a song and dance number. Slow, strummy music plays as Lorelai and Rory walk towards Luke's. Lorelai and Rory turn around to see the crowd that's gathered behind them. Lorelai and Rory turn around sharply at the same time and the crowd all turns around and pretends to be just milling around outside of Luke's. Lorelai says she can't wait for the movie theater to re-open as they walk inside.

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