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The Longest Summer

Y'all, isn't anyone worried about Ryan Philllipppe being unleashed on Dawson's Creek? I certainly am. Someone needs to give that boy a haircut.

It must be Friday night again. Lorelai pulls the Jeep up to Emily's house. She's flustered, and keeps screwing things up, like getting tied to the emergency brake and leaving her keys in the ignition. Rory mentions that Lorelai got lost six times on their way there. Lorelai says that's a testament to her self-preservation instincts. Rory asks whether Lorelai's thinking about Max. Lorelai says she isn't. Rory says she's lying. I don't know what's going on with Lorelai's hair in this shot, but it looks like she's balding. It's all teased out and frizzy like she normally wears extensions and they've been pulled for this scene. It makes Lorelai look ten years older. Emily answers the door beaming, cheering their arrival and announcing to Richard that they've arrived. She tells the girls to come in. Lorelai says she won't, because Emily is scaring Rory. Emily laughs at how funny Lorelai's joke is, and walks into the house. She pulls the girls by the arms and shuts the door. She walks them in, jabbering away about how she's got Antonia making some puffs, and that she'll fix them a drink and la, la, la. She calls for Richard again. He tells her not to say anything until he gets there. Emily starts making drinks and asks the girls what's new in their lives. Lorelai says, "Uh, nothing." Rory asks what the big news is all about. Emily says she can't say until Richard's there. She calls for him again and curses. Lorelai asks Emily just to tell them what's going on. Emily sits down and says she can't wait for Richard all night. Emily says, "Well, you know I'm very good friends with Bitty Charleston, the headmaster's wife? Well, we have this little arrangement where she keeps me apprised of all the goings-on at Chilton. You know, she tells me all the gossip on the students, and their parents, and any pieces of information I might find useful." She says she just found out that Rory has finished in the top 3% of her class. She celebrates. Lorelai says she already knew that. Emily asks Lorelai who she knows at Chilton. "Rory," Lorelai says, pointing. "Oh," Emily says. Rory says it wasn't definite, but that she had a good idea. Richard walks in at this point and announces that Rory finished in the top 3% of her class. Rory says she knows, and Lorelai says that J. Edgar Hoover had just finished telling them. Emily and Richard bicker over leaked the information too soon. Lorelai says they already knew, and that it's good news either way. Emily and Richard say they're proud of Rory. Emily says that next week they'll have a special dinner. "Gramma, all of your dinners are special," Rory says. Wow, that was so cute. Emily says that next week's will be extra-special. She says they'll make all of Rory's favorite foods, and that Rory can bring friends. Richard says they'll even have presents. Emily and Richard are going on about how special Rory is and how she started late but is now one of the best students in her school, but Lorelai is no longer listening. It concerns school and smarts, so naturally Lorelai is looking down at her hand. She takes the butterfly ring off of her index finger and puts it on her left ring finger. It's an awkward shot from over Lorelai's hand and takes way too long for us to see how Lorelai feels about it. I mean, we're just watching her hand. Antonia announces that dinner is ready. Rory, Richard, and Emily leave for the dining room. Lorelai tells them to start without her, explaining that she's got to make a call. She says that Michel is all alone at the inn and people are surely dead by now.

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