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The Longest Summer

Lorelai is making dinner and asks Rory whether she also wants tater tots. "That's a rhetorical question, right?" Rory answers as she sits at the table. Rory asks Lorelai what dress she's thinking off. Lorelai says she wants to wear the dress Stephanie Seymour wore in the Guns N' Roses video. Rory asks whether Lorelai's picked her colors yet. Rory says she'll plan the wedding without Lorelai and that she'll have no say in anything. She's not even sure she'll invite Lorelai to the wedding. The phone rings. It's Max. Rory echoes everything Max says to Lorelai, but he doesn't know that Lorelai is standing right there. He's picked out three rings but doesn't know which one Lorelai would like the best, so he wanted Rory's opinion. Rory echoes what Max just said, and Lorelai sits down, ready to pick out her ring. Rory jokes that anything with the word "Foxy" on it is a real crowd pleaser. Lorelai smacks Rory's arm as Max says he'll remember that for their first anniversary. The first ring has a gold band. The diamond is square, and it's a traditional setting. Simple and classic. Lorelai gives it a big ol' boo and Max tosses the picture of the ring behind him. The next ring is an engagement band with tiny diamonds around it. White gold. A wedding band that fits into it. Lorelai gives it a maybe. The third is from the '20s. Large diamond in the middle, diamond clusters on the sides, and a little deco. Lorelai starts panting and barking until Rory says that sounds like the perfect ring. Max says that Lorelai is right there and that he heard her barking. I'd be grossed out if my mom's boyfriend could recognize my mother's bark. Rory hands Lorelai the phone and announces that it's Max. There's a knock at the door as Lorelai tells Max that she just walked into the room.

Rory answers the door. It's CuteDean. He asks whether he's late, and Rory tells him he's right on time. Um. They gave CuteDean a haircut. And a tan. And he's bigger than he was at the end of last season. And he's all smiley with these, like, white teeth that I don't remember him having. Oh, God. Shit. I think he's turned into the older brother from Get Real. This is my punishment. Why doesn't anything go right for me these days? Why can't I count on CuteDean to be the same boy from season to season? Why? Why? CuteDean asks where Lorelai is. Rory says that Lorelai's on the phone discussing jewelry, so she might be talking forever. "Good," CuteDean says, as he pulls Rory outside the front door. "Hi," he says. "Hi," she says. They kiss. "I missed that," he says. "Me too," says Rory. As they walk into the house, CuteDean says that they tried this whole "breaking up thing," but it didn't seem to be for them. It works for other people, like Cher and Greg Allman, but not them. They decide to get back together. What's with giving CuteDean so many lines? Stop!

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