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The Safety Dance

Back in Lane's bed, in front of Stee's rug...thing, Rory asks Lane what she thinks of what she's done: "I need some perspective on sex with Dean from you." Lane says that CuteDean and Rory love each other, so there's no problem. "He's married," Rory says, like CuteDean is out of town for the weekend or whatever. "I know," Lane says, looking down to avoid smiling through what's supposed to be a serious problem. Rory asks how she overlooked that fact. She says that CuteDean told her that the marriage was over, and that he was going to tell Lindsay, or maybe even already told her that. She wonders why she didn't ask anything else, and she can't remember what he told her. Lane says she can ask now. Rory says she tried asking, but ended up having sex on an Al Gilbert record. She says she doesn't know what she needs to do. Lane suggests that Rory talk to her mother, since she'll know what to do and at least has a frame of reference about sleeping with married men. (Lane didn't say that, but it's true.) Rory says that talking to her mother is not an option here. The band begins playing, and Lane stomps out into her living room again. What's with the high shutter speed on the camera, guys? Do we need to feel like there's a potential homicide about to happen? Lane yells at the band -- specifically, for mfTL to get away from her drums. MfTL says she was too busy talking about pantyhose or whatever chicks talk about to come to practice. Lane says that nobody is allowed to touch her drums under any circumstances. "He adjusted your seat also," Sebastian Bach tattles. Lane attacks.

Dragonfly. Lorelai tells some kind of housekeeper to light lemon candles up in the rooms before the guests arrive. She tells the woman that she did a great job this weekend. We hear a horse whinny. Lorelai walks into the lobby, not seeing her mother sitting on a couch under a window. When she does finally see her, she drops everything, gasping and yelping, "My God!" Emily says that's a lovely greeting. Lorelai asks how long she's been sitting there. "Ten minutes," Emily tells her. Lorelai: "You scared me." Emily: "Like I'm Dracula." Hee. Emily tells her to stop being dramatic. She says she only showed up for lunch, not to announce that butt-crack-baring jeans have gone out of style. Lorelai can't believe Emily still wants lunch, after she went ahead and left in a huff last night. Listen, it doesn't need to be repeated here as many times as it will on the screen. Suffice it to say Emily still wants lunch with Rory and Lorelai, even though she left, Rory and Lorelai had a fight, and Rory's been busy having sex all over Stars Hollow. Lorelai calls her daughter and demands that she come back to the Dragonfly for lunch.

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