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The Safety Dance

Lindsay is dressed in Marilyn's Seven-Year Itch dress, and I have to assume it's on purpose. She serves CuteDean a roast to some strummy-strummy-la-la music. He slices into it, and it's perfect. Lindsay dances and applauds herself before slinging her arms around her husband. She kisses him and hangs on his shoulders. He smiles as he carves. He holds her hand and laughs as she kisses his face. Fine, I like Lindsay and I hope Rory and CuteDean end this before she gets hurt, okay? Gah. You got me with the roast.

Emily is giving a list of requests to the maid, who must be overjoyed at Emily's leaving. Before the front door closes, we see Richard lighting a cigar, not saying goodbye to his wife.

At Lorelai's, a phone is ringing. Lorelai comes downstairs and watches Rory pick up her cell. Rory sees who's calling, pushes a button, and hides her phone. Lorelai watches it all, and it's killing her not to know what's going on in Rory's life.

Emily has found some kind of airport where there are no lines. Emily tells Rory to hurry up. I can't believe Rory's leaving with just a single bag. ["Why? Her rich granny is going to buy her everything she needs on their trip. (I am jealous.)" -- Wing Chun] Emily tells the security guard that he's allowed to search her. Lorelai pulls Rory aside to give her trashy-magazine money. Rory and Lorelai share an awkward moment. Lorelai tells her to have fun and to call if she needs to talk about anything. Rory says "'Kay," and walks off without even a hug goodbye. You know they'd have a tearful goodbye even if they were furious with each other. They've never done anything like this. Lorelai pouts.

Lorelai comes home to the strummy music. It's been a very long day, given that Lorelai's still in the same outfit. She checks her machine. It's Luke, saying he got a call from his sister and TJ, who got into a little accident, breaking some limbs, and need him to help him run the ren faire booth for a couple of weeks. Luke says he's on his way up to Maine because he foolishly answered the phone. He says he'll be back in about a week. "Great," Lorelai mumbles. The next messages is also from Luke, who worries that they aren't far enough in their relationship to where he has to tell her where he's going at all times and he should have just said he was going out of town. He says he's going out of town and that he'll call her later. The next message is also from Luke, rambling that he got a cell phone. He says she can call if she wants, but only if she wants. He hangs up, and calls again with the number: (860) 294-1986. You know you already called it. Luke calls again to tell her one more thing: "Don't change your mind until I get back. Okay? Okay."

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