Gilmore Girls
Say Goodbye To Daisy Miller

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The Safety Dance

Lorelai calls Luke's cell. He answers. Lorelai: "Well, if it isn't Dean Moriarty." Luke's driving in the dark, filling Lorelai in on his sister's and TJ's broken limbs. They're okay. Lorelai calls him chivalrous. Luke asks Lorelai if she got his messages. "Oh, no," Lorelai says. "Did you leave a message? Sorry. My answering machine dropped dead of exhaustion." Luke says it was a hell of a test run. Lorelai: "You mean, for the inn, of course." Luke says he does mean the inn. Lorelai says you never know if everything's going to work until you give it a second try. Luke says they'll need a second go-round, then. Lorelai says it's the only thing that makes sense. She asks him where he is right now. Luke says he's ten minutes from "If-I-Lived-Here- I'd-Blow-My-Brains-Out." Lorelai says she hears it's lovely there this time of year. Fade out on Lorelai spending her first evening alone in her entire life.

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Gilmore Girls




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