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The Safety Dance

CuteDean picks up his cell phone, which is on the counter, and stares at it like a foreign object. Lindsay tells him that she found his phone in the couch cushions. It rang earlier, but whoever called hung up. Lindsay either doesn't understand Caller ID or phones, and the idiocy pushes CuteDean over the edge. He becomes AngryDean, which would be more understandable if he were DrunkDean, but he's only had a sip of the orange juice, and hates how his dumb wife was too dumb to catch him cheating, because now he'll have to keep cheating, since she didn't catch him right off the bat. He yells at Lindsay for answering the phone without forcing the person on the other end to talk and leave a message. He's furious with her, blaming her for why he doesn't have any money, why he has to work all these jobs and sleep with other women. She's the reason he forgot his phone in the couch cushions, why people put Gummi Bears in brownies, where they clearly don't belong, and why marriages on this show mean absolutely nothing. (The clock says it's, like, 8 at night, by the way.) CuteDean becomes StrugglingWithEmotionalScenesDean, huffing and puffing through a "You don't get it, do you? I mean, you have absolutely no respect for me at all. That's just obvious." CuteDean stares again at his phone, wondering how Lindsay couldn't see how the Caller ID clearly said, "RORY'S CELL." Two minutes too late, Lindsay says, "I don't wanna fight." She then informs us that they always fight, adding, "I won't answer your phone anymore." She says she was asleep and didn't think. She apologizes. CuteDean doesn't make eye contact to say, "Okay." Lindsay gives a hopeful smile, asking CuteDean if he's "coming to bed." CuteDean apparently can't hit it twice in an hour. Lindsay asks if he's mad at her. CuteDean says he's just tired, and that it's been a long day. Lindsay heads to bed, pausing to twirl a lock of CuteDean's hair in her fingers.

Morning at the Dragonfly. Lulu compliments Sookie on her breakfast buffet. Lulu follows Kirk to a table, but he can't sit. Lulu says that her mom told her that standing while you eat gives you cancer. Kirk marvels that his mother told him the same thing. Jackson arrives with Davey, giving Babette a line to warble: "Oh, my God! The baby's here!" Davey is really cute. I love his little socks. That's my favorite thing about babies: tiny socks. This is how I know I'm not ready to have one, since I'm coveting the wardrobe. Speaking of wardrobe, who dressed Jackson in that shirt? Is he going golfing with Tony Soprano after this? Man. Jackson says Davey came by to see the place that decides his entire college education. Sookie says that if the donuts are any indication, Davey's headed for the Ivy League. Jackson hopes his son isn't stupid. Sookie heads off to her "real" job, and tells her son not to throw up on the buffet.

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