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The Safety Dance

I don't know how all these people can be at Luke's when they're all supposed to be at the Dragonfly, but Luke's is hopping. Lorelai asks Luke if they can talk. He says they're kind of busy. One of the Cesars shouts an order that's ready. Luke asks Lorelai what she wants to talk about. She tells him to find a quieter place, away from where he's busy working, because she decided they needed to talk in the middle of his lunch rush. Lorelai tells Luke to go outside or use his cell phone. Luke has to remind Lorelai that he doesn't have a cell phone. He does this standing next to his "No Cell Phones" sign. Lorelai asks what happened to the phone Nicole gave him. Luke says she got it back in the divorce. That was a little exchange for those of you who stopped watching in the middle of last season but tuned in this time because someone promised you the show got good again. Luke explains that he actually threw the phone in the lake after the divorce. Fake Baby Davey then starts screaming, prompting Luke to ask Lorelai to find her own quiet place to talk. Luke has a really, really, really long phone cord.

Lorelai and Luke each find their own closets and stock rooms. Lorelai's has a guest: Paw-Paw, who's dining on Taylor's missing shoe. Lorelai says she realized when she got back last night that she was a little distracted. She hides her shoes from Paw-Paw and says, "We kissed." Luke smiles, but says nothing. "You and me? We kissed?" Lorelai says again. Luke says he remembers. Lorelai calls it unexpected. Luke tells her to relax, and that she could forget it ever happened if she wants to. But Lorelai doesn't want to forget it ever happened: "It was a great kiss." She says that if one of them had been a frog, the kiss would have had some serious consequences. Luke says he's really relieved that she feels that way. Lorelai: "So, you concur?" Luke: "Dear God, yes." Lorelai says that they'll discuss this later. They make plans for tonight. They hang up and smile. Lorelai tells Paw-Paw he'd better finish the whole shoe.

Rory walks through the town square to the one pay phone still in existence in America. Adultery: A World Without Cell Phones. She calls someone and asks to meet.

Miss Patty's. Someone knocks. Rory stands and announces, "Come in!" CuteDean enters. "Hey," he says. "Hey," she says back. "I'm glad you called," he says. "Me too," she says. CuteDean asks if everything's okay at home. Rory lies that it is. Lying's getting easier for her, isn't it? CuteDean takes Rory's hands in his. He's a little breathless. He tells her he likes her shorter hair. Rory says it's grown out a little. "I like it," he says. "I like it, too," she says. They kiss. "So, uh," CuteDean says. "You wanted to talk?" "Yeah, talk," Rory says. "Words. Love." They do lots of kissing, and Rory seems not to hate it this time. I know it's gross, but Miss Patty would be so proud of Rory right now. Remember not to fall asleep this time, guys.

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