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The Safety Dance

"You what?" Lane asks, incredulously. "I slept with Dean in my room last night in my bed," Rory says for those of you just tuning in. Rory's surprised that Dean can even fit in her bed, since he's tall and her bed's small and he's tall, not small. Lane says she didn't even know they were back together. Rory says they weren't, but she guesses they are now. No, I'm guessing you're not, since he's together with his wife, and you're at Lane's, alone. Lane has on her wall the shag rug that Stee wants to buy for our home. I think this rug would be the worst choice ever for a home that has three cats prone to puking. Lane has found the solution: put it on a wall. Rory tells Lane that Lorelai came home and saw everything, but not everything. Lane freaks out, picturing it in her head. My friend Todd Lowe calls from the other room. Lane shouts that she's busy. Rory tells Lane that she had a fight with Lorelai, so she called CuteDean to have a talk. Why does it sound like there's a playground in Lane's bedroom? There are cars and motorcycles and children playing. Rory confesses that her talk with Dean became sex in Miss Patty's studio. Lane is so smitten with Rory's affair. Lane tells Rory that Miss Patty would be so proud. Hey! I just told that joke, Lane! MfTL calls Lane again. Lane asks Rory, "How was it?" Rory asks Lane why she's whispering. Lane says that no matter where she is, she's pretty sure MamaLane can hear this conversation. Lane has a picture of Angry Little Asian Girl on her wall, a picture AB Chao bought me in t-shirt form. Lane asks Rory if CuteDean was nice to her. Rory says he was, and that they love each other.

MfTL calls Lane again. Lane opens her bedroom door (past her Fahrenheit 9/11 poster), and storms into the living room. Here's a shout-out to Sebastian Bach, who I saw when I went to see Todd Lowe in Justin Tanner's play a few weeks ago. Do you know how hard it was not to turn around and tell Liza Weil, who was sitting directly behind me the entire play, that I think she's a bad-ass motherfucker? It was hard. Seriously. The Band has been having a discussion about germs in Lane's absence, and now mfTL is afraid to touch a microphone. "I'm just saying, at the end of the night, who cleans them?" Brian asks. Sebastian Bach says he only has the sitter until 6, and then he's got to take the kids to Gymboree. MfTL reminds Sebastian Bach that he promised not to bring up anything parental during band practice. Sebastian Bach points out that they're not currently having band practice, and that he's not discussing a parental issue, but rather being part of the cycle of life: "And that, my friend, is pure rock and roll." MfTL: "Go join the Polyphonic Spree, you fruitcake." Brian mentions that his guitar strap has a weird smell. Lane yells for all of them to shut up, since she's got a friend over who is in desperate need for some girl talk, so that's what she's going to do. She storms off.

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