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Lorelai walks home to find a frantic Luke on her front porch. He got there and there was no answer. He couldn't reach the phone from home, so he ran over and couldn't get in through a window because he fixed everything broken with the house so he broke in through the back and she was gone. Lorelies that she'll never do this to him again, and says she shouldn't have called him because she's not that girl who cries and falls apart and calls her ex-boyfriend to come and save her. WHAT?!? She's totally that girl. She calls Luke or she calls Christopher or she calls Max or she calls Rory or she calls Sookie or even fucking Jackson, and when Davey's old enough she'll call him because if Lorelai has a problem the world must hear about it constantly until it's fixed. She doesn't fix her own problems. How's that cash you owe your ex-boyfriend, Lorelai? She hands Luke his answering-machine tape and lies that it's the last crazy thing he'll have to endure from her. Unless she dies in the next episode. Then she's speaking the truth. She says she understands he's out, and she's going to respect it from now on. "Okay," Luke says. Lorelai tells him to go home because it's cold and she'll be fine. They walk away from each other as we fade to black.

Next week there's a town celebration, while Luke and Lorelai just aren't getting together, and Rory's falling hard for someone who might be the wrong guy for her. Pick any episode at random and tell me if we haven't seen this logline before. We're moving backwards, people.

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