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Big Anal Creep

Lorelai runs into Babette and the elusive Morey. Lorelai asks if they've seen Luke. "Uh-oh," Morey moans. Babette realizes that Luke and Lorelai aren't together after attending the Gilmore Wedding Renewal Thing, and concludes: "Uh-oh." So does Morey. Lorelai says that she and Luke just aren't together at the moment. "Uh-oh." It's like an episode of Teletubbies. Mr. And Mrs. Foreshadowing reminds Lorelai that Taylor has all these contingency plans for the town if Luke and Lorelai ever split up, and if there's a problem, Taylor's going to spring right into action. "Big anal creep," Babette spits. Stee begs me to name my recap "Big Anal Creep." Lorelies. Babette and Morey leave to the closing strains of "Tequila." Lorelai calls Luke's cell phone and stammers out a message. In the background, Cesar dances to "Under the Boardwalk." Not "La Cucaracha," Daniel? Thought that might be overkill?

Rory comes home and sees that her message board is empty. This is unacceptable to a Gilmore Girl, so she immediately engages the Foley artist for Track Three: "Opening Door (Chamber Sound)." She wakes Paris out of deep slumber. Paris wants Rory to bite her. In fact, all of the messages were from people calling to ask Rory to bite her. Rory says that Paris isn't a reliable message leaver, and now thinks Paris is withholding information because she's mad that Rory woke her up. Paris sits up and says, "Oh, my God! You're annoying tonight." Tonight? She looks over Rory's outfit and asks, "What's with being all k.d. lang?" Rory says she was the Best Man. "Are they kinky, or something?" Paris asks. Rory pouts that it was "cute." Paris asks the name of the boy Rory is clearly obsessing over. Rory tries to lie, but we all know how good that goes. Paris flings herself out of bed, furious with Rory for waking her up. "You owe me Boggle. Boggle!" Rory and Paris argue like Stee and I do. (I'm Paris.)

Lorelai walks down some street in Stars Hollow and stops when she reaches the incredibly loud arcade, where Kirk is deep in a Dance Dance Revolution game. He stops and towels off. Lorelai notes that he's dripping wet. "Sweat is the curse of the B-Boy," Kirk notes. He pounds his chest: "Mos def." He asks if she's feeling better. Luke told him she was sick. Lorelai's thrilled to find out that Luke's in the movie theatre. Kirk's on break, so he's taking a dance dance break break. Hard to believe Kirk doesn't also run the arcade. Kirk asks if something's up between them. Lorelai says there isn't. "Uh-oh," Kirk concludes. He wants to know why Luke and Lorelai are both dressed up but not together. Lorelies about having the sniffles. Kirk mentions how Taylor will go nuts if she and Luke break up. Lorelies there's nothing to worry about. She tells Kirk she's going to enter the movie without paying, since it already started. And then it seems she ran off with Kirk's nasty wet towel, which is freaking weird.

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