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Rory gets all dolled up and makes a phone call to Logan. She invites herself into his evening. He tells her to come over. Rory smugly closes her cell phone...

...and teleports to Logan's. He's having a poker game, and she's not the only female in the room. I'll add right here that my plans for the evening got cancelled by my husband because he's got a poker tournament tonight, and sometimes you get married and then things like poker tournaments become a part of your life. It sucks, and it makes me hate Logan. Rory's asked to the table -- not to play, on account of her ovaries, but to be a "good luck charm." Shuffle up and deal with it; this episode isn't too female-friendly. Is this Logan's apartment? Holy crap, these kids have a lot of money. Look at that television. Rory admits that her knowledge of poker is limited to the opening credits of The Odd Couple. The poker game gets increasingly annoying -- even more so when we find out that the winnings for a single round rival a recapper's salary for an entire season. ["Er, yes. 'Rival.'" -- Wing Chun] The quiet girls who linger in the background bring the boys everything they need. Rory tells Logan she's not sure how long she's going to stay. Logan says that with the way he's playing tonight, he's not sure, either.

The tea party (what time is this tea party? Good God, let the children sleep!) is a total bust because Lorelai hasn't shown up with anything. It's confusing that Lorelai would be supplying everything needed for a tea party the morning (evening?) of the tea party (is it Sunday?), and that there's nothing -- including food -- for these girls. Michel is staying out of the way. Sookie tells him to go entertain the girls. "Like I'm SpongeBoy BigPants or something? I do not entertain children." Sookie says Lorelai left yesterday to run an errand, and then never came back. And that's different than her managerial style any other Michel suggests a parlor game: poke out all the dolls' eyes and let the girls try to match the eyeballs up with the dolls. Sookie leaves to check Lorelai's house. One of the little girls asks Michel to kiss her doll's boo-boo. Michel asks which part of the doll is the boo-boo.

Rory's asleep on Logan's couch. The game is still going on, although I'm not sure if it's afternoon, what with the tea going, forget it. Rory answers her boxy cell phone. It's Sookie, with an alarming tone, telling Rory to come home right away because Lorelai's in bad shape. It's not like Lorelai got into a car accident, but Sookie makes it sound that way. Rory immediately sets to leave, but she doesn't have her car because it's in the shop at the dealer, even though they rip you off, so Logan gives her access to his driver, Frank. These kids really have a lot of money.

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