Gilmore Girls
Secrets And Loans

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Awkward Friday night dinner. Emily's ignoring Lorelai. Lorelai says that the workers are doing a great job on the house and she hasn't seen one butt crack yet. Emily leaves the table to get more bread. Since Emily doesn't do any of her own labor, Lorelai knows she's supposed to follow her into the kitchen, which she does.

In the kitchen, Emily is just standing still. Lorelai sighs and apologizes for doubting her motives in the loan. She says she doesn't know what she would have done without Emily's help, and that she's really, really grateful. Emily says, "Well. That almost sounded sincere." Lorelai: "Yeah. I should have left off one of the 'really's. That always tips it." They smile. Emily accepts her apology and tells Lorelai she'll be having her DAR meetings at the Inn from now on. "I hope you don't mind," she says as she leaves the kitchen. Lorelai stands still and says to herself, "She's good." End of episode.

Next week, Lorelai gets tired of listening to Dad. I'm excited. Maybe they won't talk about money for six minutes.

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