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Making Up And Making Love

Luke's. Kirk's eating at the counter. He shouts between smacks, "Oh, my God! I love this stuff that I think is meatloaf!" Luke gives him a glare. Kirk apologizes. Emily enters the diner (that's something you don't see every day). She says hello, says she'd like to have a word with Luke, and sits next to Kirk, waiting for Luke not to be so busy. She looks through the menu and compliments the selection. She asks what "Mud Pie" is. Kirk explains in detail what goes into a mud pie, including the Gummi worms you can get Luke to toss in every once in a while. This week he'll even put real mud into it, I'll bet. Luke pours Kirk some coffee, even while Kirk explains he can't drink the stuff because it makes his lungs hurt. Emily asks Kirk if he'd mind excusing them. Kirk takes his plate and walks out of the diner. Emily tells Luke that she and Lorelai aren't speaking. Lorelai wants nothing to do with her: "I'm sure you know that Lorelai and I have had many battles. Most of them have been because I feel I know what's best for her." But Lorelai insists on thinking she knows what's best for herself: "She wants you, Luke. She's made her choice, God help her, but there it is." She tells Luke he's won: "Go back to her. I promise I will stay out of it." Warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it? Emily walks to the door, where Kirk is pressed against the glass, looking in. "You're going to have to clean that window," she informs Luke as she leaves. Luke stares after her, bracing himself against the counter, wondering -- I assume -- if Lorelai is worth this insanity.

Lorelai's. Judy sings. "The night is bitter. The stars have lost their glitter. The winds grow colder. Suddenly you're older. And all because of the man that got away!" There's a banging on Lorelai's door. She gets up and walks over as Judy sings. Lorelai opens the door. It's Luke. There's a beat where they stare at each other. Then Luke steps into the house, wraps his arms around Lorelai, turns her to the side, and kisses her. They kiss as Lorelai slides her arm around his waist. Eventually she shuts the door because...well, the neighbors don't need to know everything.

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