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Making Up And Making Love

Lorelai asks Sookie if she can have some leftovers to eat for dinner tonight when she's home alone watching all three A Star Is Borns: "I thought I'd hunker down with some fabulous food and watch all the men who got away." Sookie thinks this is a terrible idea, hurling Lorelai closer to her spinster status. Lorelai brags that she still has her original nostril. Sookie says Lorelai can't become "Couch Potato Girl," the one who sits home night after night, ordering Chinese food, watching old movies. Mmm, that could be fun. If I could ever catch up on all the TiVo I still have to watch. Tonight I might find out if there's someone else living on that island. Lorelai points out that she's been Couch Potato Girl for the past twenty years and nobody's been concerned about her. Sookie says the difference is that "now it's pathetic." Hey, thanks, best friend. How's your whole avoiding-motherhood thing going? Sookie decides they need to have a Girls' Night Out immediately, where they paint the town: "Big fun. Big excitement. Big hair!" She tells Lorelai to look hot by 7:30 when Sookie comes to pick her up tonight. Lorelai doesn't argue. Lorelai: "But remember, I don't put out unless I get dinner." Sookie: "I know; I saw your bumper sticker." Ha.

The following scene was made entirely from your forum suggestions. Rory goes to her Yale kiosk and orders a caramel macchiato with an extra shot and whipped cream. Mmm. When the bill comes to close to $5, she asks the barista to knock off the extra shot. When that's still not enough to match the change in her hand, Rory asks to make it a small minus the whipped cream. The small makes it just over three dollars, but the whipped cream saves her nothing but calories. Rory orders a small, black coffee. Time for Rory to invest in a coffee maker for her room. Rory drops her change and says, "D'oh!" I've gotta say, it does feel pretty good to watch Rory pick her pennies out of the gutter. Logan comes to the rescue, of course: "This would definitely qualify as a cute meet if we hadn't met already." Ha. I honestly thought "meet cute" was a term only used in this town, so I got a kick out of Logan dropping it. Logan pays for Rory's coffee. Rory thanks him. They walk, discussing Doyle and how he never leaves the office. Logan pulls Rory away to a corner and kisses her. "People will see," Rory frets. At least she's getting a bit better about kissing someone. Maybe she and Milo had a fight that week. I'm guessing, however, that it's all her exposure to this crew. Logan tells Rory he's done with his midterms, and was just around to drop off his Ethics paper. Logan has a tight grip on Rory's jacket sleeve. Rory flirts that she'd really like to read his Ethics paper. Logan calls her mind a mysterious place. Rory says she'd really like to know if Logan's for ethics, or against it. Hee. Logan says he can't trust Rory with his paper -- which he actually wrote -- having just seen her drop coins in a gutter. He reminds her of Hemingway, saying he trusted "that wife of his" with his only copy of the novel he was working on. "The silly woman lost it." Rory says that's not true, and that the story goes that Hemingway left it on a plane: "His wife had nothing to do with it." Rory bets Logan all the money in her purse and a million dollars that she's right. Logan says his spelling stinks. They kiss again. Logan promises to call Rory from his ski cabin. Rory thanks him again. Logan heads out, telling Rory she'd better have the million bucks ready when he gets back, adding, "And I don't accept coins." They really have better chemistry than she's had with any of her other boyfriends, even though I don't trust Logan any more than I trusted Digger.

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