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Lorelai is pouring coffee in her kitchen when Rory shows up, cursing her heavy bags of laundry. When she asks her mother for a hand, Lorelai breaks into applause. Rory says that while Bob Hope is laughing in Heaven, Rory isn't. Lorelai is shocked that Bob Hope got into Heaven. I wish I had laundry bags like Rory's when I was in college...and after college...and until just a couple of years ago, actually. I used trash bags, which is what happens when you live in a city that doesn't have a Target. Rory is upset to find that Lorelai is already using the washing machine, which means that Rory won't get all of her clothes washed before she has to go back to Yale. Just staying the night, Rory? I thought you were coming home for Spring Break? She says the very fact that she's a college student coming home for Spring Break means she should have dibs on the washing machine the entire week. Lorelai says there's no such thing as implied dibs, and that if you don't call it, you don't get it. Turns out Lorelai is washing a single pair of socks, which is just cruel. Why can't Rory throw her clothes on top of the dancing Santa socks? Lorelai promises to do two of Rory's loads while Rory's at Emily's. Lorelai gives Rory a twenty-dollar bill. She's figured out, between the laundry and the cell phone, that Rory must be hurting for cash. It might be because she's jobless and spending money like she's already betrothed to a Huntzberger. Rory says there are "no good jobs at Yale now," even though she'd take anything (Hey, Rory, I found a way you could get out of Friday night dinners forever. Check this out). Lorelai asked around Stars Hollow and found a few jobs for Rory already: "The radio station need someone to drive up the hill a couple times a day and shoo the cows away from the transmitter." Rory, already revising the word "anything," says she's not good with livestock. She also turns her nose up at a job holding a Slow Down sign for a construction crew, even when she finds out she'd get to wear a helmet. ["Which is crazy, because road jobs are union jobs and you get paid sweet cash just to stand there." -- Wing Chun] But, of course, there's a Rory-fied job ready for her: helping Andrew do inventory at the bookstore. Rory thanks her mom and asks to borrow clothes to Emily's, since she's down to her "Give Bush a Wedgie" t-shirt. As much as Lorelai begs her to wear that shirt to Emily's, Rory insists on changing into something fancy, no matter how much money Lorelai offers.

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