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Making Up And Making Love

Emily's. Rory is cold toward her grandmother. Emily throws her arms around Rory and tells her how much they missed her. Rory hands her coat to Eliza, the current maid. Emily calls Rory's outfit "interesting." It's a very pretty dress underneath a strange, sparkly bolero jacket. Rory explains that it's laundry day. Emily: "'Laundry day.' Everything young people do sounds like fun." Totally. Try this one on, Emily: keg stand.

In the living room, Emily tells Rory how she and Richard have so much to tell her, but that the pictures will have to wait until next week when they finally figure out how to work their digital camera. Emily tries to get Rory to discuss Athens with her -- some archeological museum that made Emily think of Rory the entire time she was there. When Richard runs down the stairs, Rory completely changes her mood. She hugs Richard, gushes over him, asks him questions. She's so happy to see this guy, confident that he has nothing to do with the woman he's been married to for such a long time. Emily isn't pleased with the way Rory's acting. Richard hands Rory a gift -- it's Leaves of Grass in Greek, over a hundred years old. Rory thanks Richard and only after he insists does she give a curt "Thank you, Gramma." Dinner's ready, so Emily tells Rory to look at her gift later. As Richard and Rory head to the dining room, deep in a conversation about Greece, Emily stares, open-mouthed, scheming.

La-la-Lorelai. La-la-walks-over- to-Sookie's-minivan. La-la-la-I-really-like-her-top. Lorelai brags to Sookie about how hot she is tonight. Lorelai asks what town they're going to paint tonight. Sookie tells Lorelai to decide, since she's the one having the special night. Lorelai wants to go dancing. Sookie says it'll be big fun to watch Lorelai dance. She can't, you see, because of the baby that'll shimmy out from between her legs if she attempts anything more strenuous than a Cosby dance. Hey, where is everybody getting those circle necklaces like the one Ephram gave Amy? Is it from that place AB Chao found? I like it. I want one. I'm Stac(e)y. Lorelai doesn't want to dance alone, so she suggests that they go out to a bar, hang out and talk. Well, that'd be great, if Sookie could drink, and if looking at other people drinking and having fun didn't bum her out. In fact, Sookie's been having dreams lately about a magical piña colada, with whipped cream and a talking pink umbrella. Funny: AB Chao has those dreams, too. Only they aren't dreams. Sookie (I accidentally just typed "Dookie," and that's funny because I'm seven) can't go for a movie either, because her bladder only lasts about five seconds. All of which means they're going to be staying at Lorelai's watching all three A Star Is Borns, which was the plan in the first place. Lorelai swears that hanging out with Sookie is exciting, and that, with pepperoni and extra cheese, it'll be amazing. Sookie admits that she's getting a little hungry. "Well, sure, all this partying'll do that to you," Lorelai says. They agree to watch the Streisand one first, and head back into the house. Strummy-strummy-best-friends. Strummy-strummy-have fun. Strummy-strummy-Lorelai-was-nice- to-Sookie-for-a-change.

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