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Making Up And Making Love

Awkward Friday Night Dinner. Emily asks Rory where all her "Yale friends" are going to be for Spring Break. Rory: "Uh, here and there." Emily tries to get Rory to talk about Paris. Rory doesn't bite. Rory tells Emily that the strawberry shortcake is fine. Emily and Richard complain that California can't handle a little rain, and how it ruined the strawberries this season. I don't think they understand how much rain. Emily asks Rory to pass the strawberries. Rory practically flings the bowl in Emily's direction; a move that looks very much like one Lorelai would make, and a move that would have gotten me grounded with a spanking, even at Rory's age. Emily mouths for Richard to do something, and it's here (because I'm wearing headphones) that I want to point out the classical music that always plays in the background when they're at Richard and Emily's, no matter what scene or time of day. I like that touch. I don't know if we hear it when we're in Richard's office, or Emily's bedroom, but the dinner scenes are always underscored with this patient, quiet hum of piano, which sets the mood nicely. It's like here, at this coffee shop, which is always playing weird beepy-emo whenever I come here to recap. So now I associate the feeling like I'm behind in my musical tastes with recapping. Rory's bolero jacket appears to be made out of folded aluminum foil, or some kind of tinsel and barbed wire. Richard asks Rory if everything's all right this evening. Rory says she's fine. Emily motions for him to probe further. He does. Rory swears that she's fine, and that there's nothing on her mind. She asks him to talk more about his trip, specifically about the archeological museum.

Emily throws down her fork and declares that to be it. She wants to know why Rory's having a silent temper tantrum tonight, gushing all over her grandfather, but giving Emily the cold shoulder: "What is wrong with you?!" Rory is snotty in her responses, including informing Emily of the name of her own maid. Emily is upset that Rory will compliment and chat with everyone in the house but Emily herself: "This isn't you, this attitude of yours. This is your mother." Rory says she knows Emily's memory can't be this short. Emily tells Rory to walk out of the house and come in again, starting over. Richard tries to play mediator, but it's no good. Emily tells Rory that they have a contract. Every week, Rory comes to dinner because they are paying for Yale. Rory stands up and yells at Emily: "I mean, what did you expect? Ten Acropolis postcards and I would forget the fact that you broke up Mom and Luke? Now, I respect our contract, and I will continue to come every Friday night and eat dinner with you. But I won't guarantee an attitude that will please you. Excuse me." Emily doesn't excuse Rory. Rory totally doesn't care. She will "skip the Port," as she says. Richard: "Rory!" Rory tells Richard good night and that she'll see him in a week. Rory leaves. Richard and Emily are speechless.

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