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Making Up And Making Love

Weston's. Lorelai and Sookie are having a late-night cup of coffee. Lorelai says that this is perfect. Sookie knows it's not a nightclub, but it's still a place Lorelai never goes: "Different and exciting." Lorelai: "And chocolatey." Frankie the busboy walks by and says hello to Lorelai: "Twice in one day, huh?" Lorelai says she's got to have some pie. She tells Sookie she hasn't memorized the menu yet, but that she does have to go somewhere for someone to make all of her meals and provide all of her coffee. Sookie's bummed that she took Lorelai to a place she always goes, like her couch. Lorelai says thatshe had a great time tonight, and that she won't become a couch potato spinster woman. Sookie says the minute "This" -- a vague, floaty, hand motion toward her stomach -- comes out, she'll be back to party monster status with her Be Fri. Lorelai notes that Sookie might be busy with her newborn, and that son who allegedly lives in Stars Hollow.

Rory joins Lorelai and Sookie. Lorelai asks Rory how she knew they'd be there. "What do you mean?" Rory asks. "You're always here." Sookie immediately hits an exhaustion wall, done with her babysitting duties. Rory eats pie and recaps the fight she had with Emily. Sookie has fallen asleep sitting up, face in her hand.

Lorelai and Rory move to a nearby table to let Sookie get some rest. Rory tells her mother that since things didn't go with Dean the way she planned, she wanted to make sure she talked to Lorelai this time because of Logan, and how it won't be messed up or weird this time because she can talk to Lorelai now, even when it's weird, and she wants to go back to how it was before Dean, because with Logan it's starting. That's pretty much the sentence Rory delivers to her mom. Rory says Logan's great, really beautiful, smarter than she is, and great. And they have a lot in common, like the paper and Yale. Books. And even though he's rich -- which Lorelai says isn't a problem -- he treats her well and she's having fun. Lorelai says she should probably meet him again with everything buttoned and zipped. Rory says she wanted her mom to know. Lorelai looks a little shell-shocked at the image of her daughter having sex. She goes, "O...Kay. So....Good talk." Heh. That's how my dad wrapped up the sex talk we had so many years ago, the one that kept my legs crossed until I was Rory's age. Lorelai exhales and says she feels like she should buy Rory a shot. They settle for two rum balls. (Dirty!)

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