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Making Up And Making Love

Walking down a sunny street, coffee in hand, Lorelai gets a cell-phone call from Richard. He tells he she could adopt a more serious tone, so she says hello to him like Katharine Hepburn, but she calls that her "British" accent. Richard tells Lorelai that Rory was "incredibly rude and insensitive" to Emily the previous night. He says that Rory's behavior was inexcusable, and he wants to know what Lorelai is going to do about it. He tells Lorelai to she needs to set an example, and that there's no excuse for a girl to yell at her grandmother at the dinner table. Lorelai calls Rory an adult and says Lorelai herself tried to set an example by not going at all. She adds that it's none of her business. Richard says it is her business, since it's Lorelai's battle Rory's fighting. Lorelai says she doesn't have a battle: "This is Rory's thing, okay? She was mad. She was upset." She tells Richard that Rory loves Luke and was mad that he got hurt. Lorelai says she's not interested in hearing Emily's reasons. All that matters is they've broken up now because of what Emily did, and Lorelai knows they don't care, but that she's hurt and extremely upset. She says she can stay away and not come to dinner, but that because of Rory's deal, Rory had to be there. She says she feels that Rory has every right to be upset, and that Richard and Emily are going to have to work this out with her. Richard asks whether this means Lorelai will never visit the house again, and will just send Rory. Lorelai says she doesn't know, but probably that will be so, even on holidays. She tells him that he can see her whenever he wants, since she has no beef with him. "I see," Richard says, thinking it all over. Lorelai asks Richard a question while she's gotten him calm and listening. She tells him about the increase in her insurance premiums. Richard is, at first, confused that Lorelai wants to talk business at a time like this, but tells her to continue.

Lorelai has to call Richard back because there's someone putting a parking ticket on Luke's boat. Lorelai stammers a long lie about how the boat is supposed to be auctioned off for charity, but that there's been a problem and so there's a boat still here right now. Blame the kitten in the tree. The officer tells Lorelai to move the boat on street-cleaning days. Wow, Stars Hollow is really growing up as a town. La-la-LA-la-sad boat stare. Interesting that Lorelai would protect that boat. You'd think she'd want that thing with a big ol' orange boot on the wheel, just to remind Luke how mean it was to park it in the street like that. Also, I can't believe Taylor wasn't renting out a space to Luke in the alley or something, for the small fee of building a door between the diner and the ice creame shoppe.

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