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Anna is coming out from the back of her store when Lorelai walks in. They make small talk about the stuff in the place, and Lorelai compliments her on the store itself. Anna's all friendly until Lorelai introduces herself as Luke's fiancée, and then Anna goes cold. Lorelai apologizes, very openly and nicely, saying that she just meant to help Luke with the party, but that she may have gone too far: "I just thought we should meet, so you could see that you have nothing to worry about." Anna smirks, totally know-it-all: "She's a thirteen-year-old girl. I always have something to worry about." Lorelai: "Yeah, of course, but I meant in regards to me." Anna sighs, condescendingly saying that she's sure Lorelai's a great person, but that Anna's a single mom and can't play fast and loose with the people in her kid's life. Lorelai says she completely understands, being a single mom herself. Anna asks what if April becomes attached to Lorelai and then one day Lorelai just disappears. "Well," Lorelai says, "that's not gonna happen." Anna says that Lorelai can't guarantee that, and that she has to have hard and fast rules. let your kid do a science project where she went around and plucked hairs from the three men you must have been sleeping with at the same time in order to figure out which one was her father. Yeah. You're quite the stern taskmaster. Anna continues to condescend, saying that she never even introduces her dates to April, because she wants her to have stability: "For all she knows, I'm a nun." Lorelai nods again, saying that she went through a whole Sister Wendy phase herself once: "But Luke and I are engaged. We are stable." Ridiculously, Anna says that being engaged doesn't mean anything: "People get engaged all the time." Maybe on this show they do. Lorelai insists that her relationship with Luke is not some casual thing -- it's been going on a long time and is solid. Anna says that's all well and good, but that April's her world, and April's getting really attached to Luke, and Anna's just worried about how it's all going: "When you're married, we'll deal with that, then." Lorelai really does understand, despite Anna's being kind of wretched about it. "I have a daughter," Lorelai says, all sad, "just like you." She thanks Anna for hearing her out, and with what look like tears in her eyes, she turns to go. "Hey," Anna calls after her. "If it makes you feel better, she had a really great time at that party." Lorelai kind of smiles a sad smile, saying that she's glad, and walks out.

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