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Later, at the diner, Luke talks with Anna, while April and all her friends mingle around, giggling. Anna tells him that April gave her rave reviews on Luke's performance as a school-trip chaperone: "Her friends call you Hagrid." "Really? Hagrid! Wow!" says Luke, trying to act excited. "I...don't know what that means." Anna explains who Hagrid is: "Very big, very hairy. Very lovable." Luke decides to take it as a compliment, and I am very amused at the thought of Luke keeping a fire-breathing dragon in his apartment. I mean, a secret dragon would make just about as much sense to me at this point as an unknown daughter. Anna tells Luke that she's going now, and will talk to him later tonight. Where is she going, again? Like, seriously, she can't stay for the party? She says goodbye to April, who gives her the quintessential adolescent brush-off, and adds that the diner is looking really good. "I was here when you opened it, remember?" Anna reminds him. Luke says he remembers, and Anna heads out. Now, wait. Has Luke had the diner for more than thirteen years? He's supposed to be, what, thirty-seven? And so he's had the diner since he was twenty-four? Is that true, or is this more Gilmore math?

Anna gone, Luke turns and surveys the troops. He asks the girls to pull their chairs around so that they can all see him, and introduces himself as April's dad, earning a big cheer from all of them. Luke tells them that before they get the party started, he needs to lay down some ground rules: simple dos and don'ts, so that everyone can have fun and not get hurt. Basically...everything is off-limits. He starts describing the "party area," which consists of the tables and chairs where they are now standing, and terrifies them with a rundown of all the dangers that can occur in the kitchen. "Everyone must remain in the party area at all times," Luke says, concluding by saying that no one can go outside, either. "Are we clear?" he yells. Receiving stammered answers from the alarmed girls, he claps his hands to begin the unfunnest party ever.

At the Inn, Lorelai is looking over Michel's shoulder at the Dragonfly website. "What happened to it?" she asks. "I made some modifications," he smarms. Lorelai: "It's just a big picture of you." Michel says that since he is the one who maintains the website, he figures he should be prominently featured. "Featured, sure," says Lorelai, "but all I see is your face." Yes, Michel says, but if you want to hear about the Inn, you click on his mouth; if you want to see photos of the Inn, you click on his eyes; and if you want to post something about the Inn, you click on his ears. Lauren Graham actually looks like she is about to start laughing in the middle of this, and I guess now that this idea has been outed on this show, Glark will have to cancel his plans for the next version of TWoP. And I was so looking forward seeing where the "complain about this recap" link was going to go.

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