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Before Lorelai and Michel can fight it out, Lorelai is interrupted by a call from Rory to give her an update about Logan: "He basically jumped off a cliff," and his parachute barely opened." She gives her mom a rundown on the injuries. "How'd you get all that information?" Lorelai asks. "I thought they only allowed family members to..." Rory interrupts: "Paris." Lorelai: "God love her." Lorelai asks whether there's anything she can do or send to Rory, but Rory says that Colin and Finn went back to New Haven to get her some things, and that she's going to be at the hospital for a while. Now, what? Colin and Finn, after Rory tore them both new ones, are running off to bring her stuff? Whatever. A nurse comes to tell Rory that Logan is awake and that she can see him, and she and Lorelai hang up.

Rory goes in to see Logan and approaches his bedside with all the warmth of a snow cone. She quickly jumps straight to quirk mode, rather than make any heartfelt expression of relief that he's even alive. Rory still doesn't touch even his hand, which I just find incredible, and just sort of stands there with her arms crossed. Logan says that he knows he must look awful. "Well," she says, "now I know why you never let me see you without your makeup on." Logan admits that base-jumping with no preparation was a dumb idea, and that he was drunk and stupid to do it at all. Rory tells him that he's going to be all right, and that she'll be there as long as he wants; she can stay on top of her schoolwork via computer, and Bill can run the paper while she's gone. Logan tries to protest, saying he doesn't want her to miss too many classes, but she stops him: "I'll be here." He says he's glad.

Back at Luke's, the party is at full stop. The girls are sitting around, playing cards, bored out of their minds, and Luke is freaking out. His party is a dud. The big hit of the afternoon, so far, happens when all of the girls line up to use the bathroom at the same time. Luke panics and runs into the back, where he calls Lorelai. "It's a disaster," he says when she answers the phone. "The party, it's a total disaster." Luke says it's like a funeral parlor in the diner. "I didn't know thirteen-year-old girls could be so unhappy." "Haaaaaaaaaaaa!" says my thirteen-year-old self from the past. Luke tells Lorelai that he's been hiding in the storage room on and off, supervising through a peep hole in the wall. "You're peeping at the girls from the storage room?" asks Lorelai, ewwwing all the way. "I do not have time," says Luke through clenched teeth, "for any weird jokes." She asks why he didn't plan any activities. "It's a birthday party," he says, clenching again. "I thought that was the activity." Lorelai shakes her head and tells him to go upstairs and get his clock radio. "Why?" he asks, panicked. "So we can watch the minutes of the world's worst birthday party tick off one by one?" She says he needs to go get it, bring it downstairs, and put on some music; she'll be right over, if that's okay with him. "WHAT?" he yelps, practically stroking out. "Yes, Lorelai! Come! Hurry!"

Moments later, we see Lorelai arrive at the diner. Luke rushes out to tell her that the party actually got worse after they hung up. Luke forgot that the radio part of his clock radio was broken: "And then the buzzer alarm went off at one point, and there was a slight uptick in the mood, but I think it's too late!" Lorelai says that it isn't too late, but Luke's afraid that he heard the word "mutiny" bandied around in there. She assures him that it's not too late, and moves to go in. He stops her, asking where the party stuff is. "Oh, my God," she says. "I left the circus elephants in my car and I didn't crack a window!" Luke: "Seriously. Where is the party stuff?" Lorelai just smiles and tells him to follow her lead.

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