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At the diner, Luke is dusting stray glitter off a customer's pancakes when Anna rages through the door. Luke takes her into the back, where she really lays into him, saying that he's betrayed her trust: he said he was going to throw April a party, and his girlfriend was the one who threw it. Luke is flabbergasted. He explains that Lorelai was just there to help out, but Anna is furious that Lorelai slept upstairs with the girls, and goes on and on, all "she's my kid" this, "I can't trust you" that, and Sherilynn Finn is so over-the-top I'd like to punch her in the neck. My favorite part is where she rants that April is not a sweater Luke is borrowing, and that he can't just treat her like one. Stupid, especially since it makes no sense, but if they'd write Luke any balls, he could have easily and calmly said that neither is April a sweater Anna is loaning. But Luke is nearly speechless, swearing that Anna can trust him, and she drama-queens all over the place, saying that she's too mad even to look at him right now, and stomping out. Ugh. Put Anna, Babette, Emily, and Taylor in a boxing ring and see how long it takes for one of them to outshrew the rest. Then take the winner and drown him or her in a sack in the lake.

Rory is getting something out of a vending machine when she looks up and sees Mitchum down the hall. Without speaking, she points to Logan's room, which he grudgingly enters.

Lorelai is at home arranging the Chinese takeout when Luke comes in. She's all perky and happy to see him, but he's all sighing and being an ass, and Lorelai finally has to ask what's up. Luke tells Lorelai about Anna coming by and what she said, and instead of, like, laughing at what a bitch Anna is, he gets all high and mighty about it, saying he should have seen it coming. Lorelai's face says it all: she's crushed. Once again, she's getting the shaft.

Back at the hospital, Rory comes in to see Logan, whose father has just left. Logan's feeling better, but Rory looks more upset than ever. He asks her what's wrong, and she finally admits that she is sorry. She should have stopped him from going on the trip, she says, but she was too busy being mad at him and trying to punish him. Logan tells Rory that she shouldn't feel guilty -- that she couldn't have stopped him anyway -- but she's still sad: "I just sent you out that door. I didn't even care. I was so cold, and I could have lost you." Logan actually sacks up, here, and acts like a man, saying he's the one who should be sorry, about their fight and about this accident: "I don't know what's going on with me, but I'll get better."

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