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Lorelai's kitchen. Sunday morning. Lane's band is eating snacks. Lorelai has remembered Brian's allergies and brought him melba toast instead. The band discusses their set, which I always find to be so boring -- listening to a band talk about the songs they've written and which order they should sing them in. Todd Lowe mentions that they don't have a love song yet. Lorelai immediately jokes that Lane and Dave should be writing love songs all the time now. Lane and Dave freak out while the rest of the clueless band acts clueless. Todd Lowe brags that he just bit a snack in such a way that it sounded like one of the drum fills in one of their songs. Lane and Dave call him awesome. Suddenly Todd Lowe remembers to ask why Lane and Dave would want to play love songs all the time. Lorelai stumbles out an explanation, that Dave's name ends in "V-E" and Lane's name starts with an "L" and if you change her "A" to an "O" you've got "L-O-V-E." This, of course, placates the band and all is well again. Brian says they should break stuff down because he's got dinner soon. Todd Lowe likes to point. He points at Brian and says that soon he won't be going home to dinner, because they'll be on tour and there will be no home. Brian and Todd leave, carrying snacks. Lorelai immediately apologizes to Lane and Dave for almost blowing their secret love. She asks how long they plan on keeping it a secret, since it seems like so much work. To prove this, Lane and Dave launch into a long discussion about the different routes they must take to leave Lorelai's in order to not be seen by MamaLane. Lane says it's not too complicated. Lane, Lorelai, and Dave then have to start yelling their lines because the background strummy-strummy-la-la is so loud that it's taking over the scene.

The loud music continues over to Luke's, where Lorelai actually shouts her greeting as she enters. Lorelai tells Luke to hurry on her coffee, because she's going to Manhattan this weekend and needs to go buy some warm, stylish clothes. Luke then recites, from kinda-creepy-stalker memory, the contents of Lorelai's closet to prove that she doesn't exactly need to buy any new clothes. Her bubble burst, Lorelai asks if he will just let her go buy some new clothes. Luke asks why she's going to New York. Lorelai stammers out a half-truth -- that a bunch of them are going to dinner and a show. He asks what show. He's heard of it. He's heard of all kinds of things because his new girlfriend likes the theatre. He even saw Hairspray last week. Last week when...he went on his first date with her. Lorelai's just finding this out now? He says he liked The Producers better. Lorelai is impressed with Luke's new girly side. Luke offers to loan Lorelai his walking-tour book. She says she loves stuff like that. Walking tours? She does not. Anyway, it's all just so that Lorelai can go upstairs and grab the book off Luke's dresser...

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