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...and spot Rory and Jess making out on the couch, horizontal-style. Busted! Lorelai doesn't freak out like my mom did when I was Rory's age and caught in a similar position. Mom screamed, "Get out! Get out! Get out of my house! Get out now! Go home! You'll never see my daughter again!" Perhaps it's because both Jess and Rory are wearing their shirts. Anyhoo, Jess gives Lorelai the book and Lorelai just backs out quietly, saying they really do need to get a system. After Lorelai leaves, Rory gives Jess a sheepish grin. Man, just when he finally got her to loosen up into first base. He'll have to start all over with her now.

Back downstairs, Lorelai is outraged at the lukewarm-semi-teen-kinda-dirtiness happening upstairs. Luke explains that every ten minutes, he goes up and checks on them, pretending to need something. He has a box downstairs filled with odds and ends; every few days he goes back up and hides them all, starting over. I don't know how Jess and Rory haven't caught on and decided to just make out in Jess's car on a street somewhere like everybody else does. It kinda looks like Lorelai's wearing herself on her shirt. Lorelai makes Luke swear that he goes up every ten minutes, even when he's in the middle of serving someone. She pays for her drink and leaves, saying that ten minutes is pretty much all the time it took to make Rory, including getting dressed and freshening her lipstick. Luke tells Cesar to cover for him and storms upstairs.

Lorelai calls Rory upstairs, needing her once again. It's Friday morning, and Lorelai has a problem: she has no problem. She's totally packed, right down to the Spice Girls necklace she'll be wearing at Saturday morning's "whimsical" breakfast. For some reason, Alex and Lorelai coordinated their clothing choices down to the sock -- something I would never imagine Lorelai would be proud of. Now she doesn't know what to wear on the drive to New York. Rory asks if Alex is planning on wearing a jogging suit. "Yeah," Lorelai says. "And then after, he and Paulie are hitting the Bada Bing." Rory picks out Lorelai's stretchy jeans and Bunny Ranch t-shirt. Both of these items are in a pile on her chair. Lorelai digs them out, trying to ascertain which of her jeans are the stretchy ones. Lorelai asks how tonight is working. Rory is going to study at school and then to straight to Emily's from there. Jess will meet her at Emily's and then will drive her home. Lorelai's not so pleased that Rory and Jess will be coming home to an empty house. She used to encourage such things with Dean, remember? Rory says she's still the same girl and she's got so much on her mind, so many things going on in her life that she doesn't have time to think of "...that." Uh huh. Rory promises that she never even thinks of the "S" word. She also adds that she talks about everything to Lorelai, and that nothing will happen that she doesn't know about. The doorbell rings and Lorelai says that it's Alex. "Come on," she says, grabbing her suitcase as we fade to commercial.

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