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Wing Chun plays in the background as baby games are played. Women try to spoon marshmallows into a shoebox baby. Lorelai spoons them down her shirt and over her shoulder.

All the women are so charmed as Rory sings "Baby Love," trying not to say the word "Baby" at any point. Since she's the only one not drunk off her ass, she doesn't see what all the fuss is about. Rory's singing voice is as bad as the under-fives on this show.

Wing Chun starts up again as the women sit in a circle and try to identify different smells. I don't get this game, but Lorelai hands her pin to Maureen so she can say that it smells like "baby crap."

Everyone pops those little poppers, and for some reason they're really loud and smoky, unlike most poppers. Sherri's opening her presents, amazed at how much everyone bought her, saying they should have "chipped in" and bought her one thing. Lorelai asks why Sherri's colors for the baby are green instead of pink. "Green's the new pink," Sherri informs her. Maureen asks Sherri how she's going to finish the spring campaign she's working on. Um, isn't it October? What does Sherri do for a living? Sherri says she has a presentation at noon, which gives her plenty of time to "do Gigi" at five. It's her Caesarean (shout-out to Cesar at the diner? Sorry.), and that she scheduled it months ago. She asks Lorelai if she did the same thing. Lorelai says that a half-hour before she had Rory, she was eating a pepper sandwich watching Quincy. Trivia! And also, was Lorelai only in labor for thirty minutes? ["Probably not." -- Wing Chun] Sherri says that organization was key in all of this, since she was so thrown off by the accidental pregnancy in the beginning.

Maureen confesses that she's drunk, and that's why she feels it's okay to tell Sherri that nobody could understand why she was having a baby, since she's "so not a baby person." Remember when all Sherri wanted was a baby of her own, if it couldn't be the amazing Rory? Why can't the writers create a cheat sheet or some kind of crib sheet telling everyone what each episode is about. Maybe if someone could recap these things and then...hey! Sherri says she really isn't going to give a shit about the baby until her legs are strong enough to dance. Until then, she'll be Christopher's responsibility. Then everyone talks about how beautiful Gigi will be, speculating what a kid like that would look like, ignoring the half of his genes that are in the room. Sherri tells everyone that Rory's going to Harvard. Embarrassed, Rory tells everyone that she's only applied. She's as much in Harvard as I am. Lorelai tells everyone that Rory's going to go. On and on, everyone goes on about how Rory has to get into Harvard, she just has to, so that episode at the end of the season where Rory doesn't get into Harvard will be that much sweeter. I'm not telling a spoiler; I'm just speculating. Sherri tells Rory that Harvard is minutes from the apartment, which is great for when Sherri needs Rory to do hours and hours of free babysitting. It's only 2.7 miles away. Really? Why didn't Rory want to make a stop at Harvard, since she was in town? Couldn't she see it from Sherri's window? Sherri says that she can sleep there, but Rory says she'll have a dorm. Sherri says that dorms are awful, and that she can spend her weekends over there. Lorelai, who hasn't taken off those handcuffs yet, says that Rory will be spending all of her free moments in Stars Hollow. Sherri says that she even has a key for Rory. She tells Lorelai that she should come too, since she's kind of Gigi's aunt. Lorelai must immediately leave the room. Sherri must follow her.

There's more popping and giggling in the other room as Sherri gives this huge speech to Lorelai, rubbing it in and digging it in that she's got Christopher and Lorelai doesn't. It has to be intentional, since it's so over-sweet and poorly acted. "I'm glad you're here. Christopher would be glad, too. I have to tell you, he has been so amazing the past few months. He's so involved with the baby. He talks to it every night. He sings, too. He has a terrible voice, but it's sweet. And he's so protective. If he was here right now, he'd insist that I sit down. I keep kidding him that one of these days he's gonna come home with one of those sofas with the pole and four men to carry me around anywhere." There's more popping as Rory tries to eat cake and Lorelai complains about the noise. Sherri's not done. "You know, when I first found out I was pregnant, I wasn't quite sure how Christopher would handle it, but I just never expected it would be like this. He's been unbelievable. I wanted to thank you. It's all because of you." I'm cutting here, because Sherri has the tendency to say the word "Yeah," before each of her lines. She tells Lorelai that she had a "rocky stretch" with Christopher, where she thought he was out the door. Um, he was, wasn't he? And in the door of Lorelai? Sherri says she wasn't sure if she was going to tell Christopher about the baby, and either go it alone or not go through with it at all. She says it was just like when Lorelai was pregnant with Rory. So she told him the weekend he was in Stars Hollow for a wedding: "Well, I don't know what happened, or what you said, but whatever it was, it worked. He came back a changed man. All of a sudden he was so attentive and devoted and so willing to make it work. He said that he missed out before and he didn't want to miss it again. And I just credit a good portion of that to you." More popping. Lorelai excuses herself to the bathroom. Rory notices her mom's pouty stomp.

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