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This scene makes me tired before it's even started. We're at Luke's, and Cardigan Man (sans cardigan), is talking to a minister and a rabbi. That's right. Taylor's upset that the holy men are considering letting the Town Loner have his protest on the steps of the church after the town voted against it. Reverend Skinner reminds Taylor that he's the only one who voted against the Town Loner. The rabbi says they share the church for services, so it's a joint decision. He stops talking to whine, "I can't even look at this mayonnaise." The minister takes it out of his eye-line. Taylor gets all shifty-eyed as he tries to think of a way to ban the protest. The minister says that the church is exempt from town rulings. "We answer to a higher authority," the rabbi says. "Like the hot dog." The minister laughs, his arms open wide, chuckling, "I laugh every time you say that." Rabbi: "Well, funny is funny!" Taylor says he can guarantee that God doesn't want this protest either. The holy men are impressed that Taylor's got such a strong, intimate relationship with God that they communicate with each other. "Is it by phone that you speak with him, Taylor?" the minister asks. Rabbi: "Do you have a God phone, Taylor?" Then the two go on and on, asking questions about God -- His likes and dislikes, if He laughs, if He's serious about "the whole shellfish thing." Rabbi says that some of these Red Lobster commercials are killing him. "They look good," the minister concurs. They giggle over melted butter together. Taylor asks if they can stay serious for a minute. The holy men say he's too uptight, and that whatever decision they make will be final. Taylor threatens to pull their Bingo privileges. "At your peril," the Rabbi threatens. This is a giant scene just so Taylor can say, "I’m not afraid of your Bubbes, Rabbi." The minister thanks God for letting him be in the room when Taylor said that. More laughing, chuckling, happiness. Taylor thanks them for wasting his time, and mine. Taylor says he can't believe Reverend Skinner would treat him this way after all the support he's given him over the years. Reverend Skinner calls Taylor a Sunday Protestant, that he comes in, says, "Hi, God," and then leaves. "I always leave a dollar," says Taylor, indignant. "For your singing voice, you should leave two," says the minister. The rabbi laughs his approval. Taylor threatens to stop showing up altogether -- convert to some other faith and give them his money. The minister wonders if the Shakers in Woodbury would take him. The rabbi asks Taylor if he can make furniture. Taylor leaves, the holy men still chuckling.

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