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Boston. I guess it's Sunday. Too bad we missed dinner at Emily's and an entire week passed before our very eyes. Rory and Lorelai complain about the color of the balloons -- green, which doesn't reveal the sex of the baby at all. Lorelai wonders if Sherri's having an alien. Lorelai promises to be there as soon as Rory needs her if she pages for help. "Hi!" Sherri screeches beside Rory's window. Rory gives a "Whoa!" as Lorelai jumps. I don't know what happened to Mädchen Amick, but she's really not looking like herself these days. Her face is all different, and I know she's got blonde hair, but it's more than that. Her jaw is different, her cheekbones not as pronounced. Sherri tells Lorelai she's so happy that she came, and asks her not to leave. Sherri says that the only reason Lorelai wasn't invited was that her friends thought she'd be uncomfortable. Lorelai says she's not really dressed for a party. Sherri says they’re not formal and that Lorelai looks fine. Rory says that Lorelai has plans. Lorelai says she's got a couple of credit cards burning a hole in her wallet. Can't we just cut to Lorelai at the party? Sherri tells Lorelai to go shopping some other time and to come play with them. She says, "Please?" She says there are lots of people at the party that Rory doesn't know, so having Lorelai there would make Rory much more comfortable. Rory says she doesn't mind not knowing anyone at the party. Sherri: "That's nice, but very unconvincing." Can we move on, please? Sherri says she meant to extend the invitation to both of them, but she just wasn't sure how Lorelai would feel. She then switches to bribery, telling Lorelai that there's lots of food and booze and cake. Then, threats: "I'll block your car with my stomach." Don't give Lorelai any excuses, Sher. So, okay, Lorelai says she'll go. "Let's have a party," she says. Sherri jumps up and down and cheers. Lorelai warns her to be careful, or she might jiggle that thing right out of her. Sherri: "A mother's perspective. Thanks." We fade to commercial as we watch Lorelai and Rory unbuckle their seatbelts and prepare to get out of the Jeep, which appears to be just parked in the middle of a street in Boston. Gosh, it's a good thing I took that oath, because there are fifty-seven reasons why that last scene was too long, pointless, and annoying. But, the oath, so: Yay! Lorelai will get cake!

Sherri's apartment is pretty damn quiet considering there's baby shower going on. And there are a surprising lack of pictures. Lorelai and Rory compliment the place, so Sherri goes on and on about how Christopher is, how much of a bachelor pad this place used to be before she moved in and got her hands on it. Sherri seems to have no problem talking about Christopher in front of Lorelai, unaware of how awkward it is that she's talking to Christopher's first child while carrying his second, unaware that Lorelai slept with Christopher while Sherri was pregnant with this baby.

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