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Six women whose names I'm not bothering with are standing around the living room, some not even facing each other. They all say hello. The girls are pretty annoying, with that sing-song way in their voices, saying it's great to have more people at the party, offering Lorelai a Mojito. Sherri says that she and Rory will be the only ones not imbibing. Oh, and Gigi, the unfortunately-named fetus. It's short for Georgia. Sherri says that Christopher would have been happy with a boy or a girl, but Sherri really wanted a ballerina. One woman, whose name might be Maureen, pins diaper pins to Rory and Lorelai, explaining the diaper pin game: you lose your pin if you say the word "baby." Sherri says that Maureen owns her own publicity firm in New York. "She meant to run all those people down," Maureen says to Lorelai. "But you didn't hear it from me." Thanks for the PR, Mo. Lorelai and Rory can't believe that Christopher's CD collection is now alphabetized and not stacked up like coasters. How would they know what his CDs looked like, anyway? They haven't seen a home of his in over a decade, and Rory never saw a home of his, right? Last year Rory could have come over for Christmas, but she decided not to, right? So she's never been there, which means they wouldn't have seen any of his apartments and...the oath. Remember the oath. Move on. Move on. Sherri gives us a shout-out, saying she hated searching for her Wang Chung. Maureen's pissed that Sherri's trying to form a "sub group." Another Mojito is offered to Lorelai. Yay, DP, you're all caught up on the new cool drinks. Maureen complains that Sherri only looks pregnant in profile. Rory and Lorelai agree that Sherri looks great. Lorelai says that when she was pregnant, doorways had to be widened. Sherri says it's great that Lorelai's there, because she's the only one that can give her a motherly perspective. Lorelai can't believe she's the only mother in the room, and the other ladies are all, "Who has the time?" "Why would I want a baby?" "Who would love me enough to put his penis inside me?" One woman giggles that there aren't that many Christophers in the world, men willing to just keep fathering children, one woman after another. Be patient, ladies, and wait your turn. Christopher will be ready to do this again in a couple of years. Sherri says that she wants a list of the books Lorelai read when she had Rory. Lorelai says that her main inspiration and instruction manual was For Keeps Heh. Then, incredibly awkwardly, one of the ladies has to shout like she's on TRL, "Hey! What are we all sitting around here for?! Let the games begin!!!" Lorelai and Rory are suddenly terrified of games, horrified that the couch is getting moved.

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Gilmore Girls




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