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Lorelai marches right over to Luke's. She bangs on the door. Luke answers. Lorelai asks where Jess is. She storms into the restaurant looking for him. Luke doesn't know what's going on. Lorelai storms up to the apartment, but Jess isn't there. Lorelai tells Luke that Jess crashed Rory in a car and now Rory's got a fractured wrist. Luke keeps trying to ask Lorelai what's going on, but Lorelai is just looking for Jess right now so that she can beat the shit out of him. Luke asks if Jess is hurt. "No, Luke," Lorelai says. "Jess did the hurting. That little punk nephew of yours almost killed my kid tonight." Luke says that accidents happen. Lorelai says that they don't happen to Rory. Luke tells her to calm down. Lorelai flings forward like a cobra and asks why he brought Jess to Stars Hollow when everyone hates him and he's evil. It's like they're reading our hatred of Jess right off the forum. Lorelai lists all of Jess's flaws. Luke storms out. Lorelai follows, telling him that he pushed those kids together. Lorelai says she knew the tutoring would be a bad idea, and that Jess was bad for Rory even if Rory was good for Jess. Lorelai asks why Luke didn't make Jess leave. Luke says he had an obligation to take care of Jess. Lorelai says that Luke had an obligation to the town, and to her and Rory. No, he didn't. Lorelai asks where Luke's going. Luke says he has to find Jess. Lorelai says she knows he's not at the hospital getting his arm plastered up. Luke says he's sorry about Rory, and that he cares about her more than he cares about himself, but that he has to find Jess and find out of he's okay. He says he's sorry if this cuts into Lorelai's screaming time. Lorelai tells him to go to hell. "Right back atcha," he says. He storms off. Lorelai storms off in the other direction. She stops when she sees the tow truck carrying Rory's smashed car. She starts crying as she sees that Rory really should be dead. And credit to CuteDean, man. That thing may have curled up like a sardine can, but Rory only fractured her wrist. That's some good car building, right there. Lorelai gets on her cell phone and calls Christopher.

Luke finds Jess pouting at the pond. He's smoking. "I made sure she was okay," Jess says. "I know you did," Luke says. He sits down next to Jess. They sit there. It's interesting that they let Jess really smoke. So often you see kids on TV just holding cigarettes, not taking a drag at all. By the way, I just recently hit the one-year mark on not smoking. I feel like I should win a million dollars now. Something. Because I miss smoking so much. It's the worst breakup I've ever gone through.

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