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But the show must go on! Movie night. Can they call it a festival with just one movie? Christopher's bummed that the film is The Yearling. Lorelai says that picking a movie that appeals to a large group of people is very difficult. Lane runs up to see her best friend, finally, an entire night after Rory's been in a terrible car accident. Lorelai and Christopher leave to find seats. Lane's brought Rory an Emily sticker for Rory's cast. ["Emily Strange, not Emily Gilmore." -- Wing Chun] Rory says that the accident was horrible. She explains that they swerved to miss an animal, and hit a pole. She says that the car is totaled. How long is CuteDean out of town? Rory says he gets home tomorrow, and that she hasn't told him. She tells Lane that she hasn't spoken to Jess since last night, either. She says everyone's so upset right now. She knows something has happened between Lorelai and Luke, but she doesn't know what. She says that everyone needs time to cool off, and that she'll try calling Jess tomorrow. Lane says that everyone should be totally cooled off by tomorrow. Rory tells her that sarcasm doesn't become her. Lane says it might not, but that it does sustain her.

Lorelai asks Sookie why Jackson isn't at the movie festival. Sookie explains that Jackson has to sing to his persimmons tonight because they've been a little sour lately. Christopher asks why Lorelai's okay with being told that a man is out singing to his fruit. Lorelai says it's better than last year, when Jackson danced with his watermelon. Sookie adds that he threw his back out that night. Christopher says he'll just face the movie screen now. The lights darken as Lorelai tells Sookie she's about to get a pre-movie treat. It's Kirk's short film.

"a film by kirk," it says. Have you seen David Lynch's Eraserhead? Then you've seen Kirk's short film. It's black and white, shot in strange angles. It stars Kirk and the girl from Mr. Show. ["Mary Lynn Rajskub." -- Wing Chun] Kirk and Mary Lynn play a couple; he's going to meet her strange family. All the lines are read in a stilted way, and it's edited poorly. Mary Lynn's father is played by that guy who's always sweaty and angry and I think perhaps he was in Flashdance. ["Jon Polito." -- Wing Chun] The family sits around a table, and except for the bleeding moving tiny chickens, this is a scene straight out of Eraserhead. Kirk stands up and says he loves the girl. The father asks what Kirk has to offer. Kirk says, "Nothing. Only this." He stands up and breakdances to "White Lines."

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