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Kirk finds Lorelai at Luke's. He asks for a minute of her time. "I'll give you two, 'cause you scare me," Lorelai says. Kirk says he knows that Lorelai's in charge of selecting the movie for the movie night. He tells her that he has great ambitions. Lorelai says she didn't know that about him. "It's true. Don't get me wrong. I love the blue collar work." Kirk rattles off a list of his jobs that he might be reading from his own Kirk merch here at TWoP. He says that, in his soul, he's Akira Kurosawa. Lorelai says that The Seven Samurai is a great movie. Kirk doesn't know what she's talking about. He eventually concludes that he was actually thinking about Asaad Kelada, the director of many episodes of The Facts of Life ["and the punchline to Ron Howard's Fame Audit over at Fametracker" -- Wing Chun]. Kirk's made a short film over the past five years, and he'd like it to open the Movie in the Square tomorrow night. Lorelai asks what kind of movie it is. Kirk says that it's not "blue," and totally PG material. It's more Babe 2 than Babe. Lorelai says she'll think about it and get back to him. He leaves her a copy of the movie and says that he can take out two of the "hell"s, but he needs to keep all the "damn"s. "It's a street-cred thing," he says. Lorelai says goodbye to Kirk. He leaves. Lorelai and Rory rejoice that they'll have something fun to do tonight. Rory tells Lorelai not to start the screening without her. Lorelai asks if Rory wants pie, coffee, hot chocolate, or her very first egg cream, all in an effort to stall Rory's appointment with Jess. Rory says they're just studying, and that they'll be doing it at Luke's, so there's nothing to worry about. Rory tells Lorelai to go. Lorelai stalls by drinking her coffee. Finally, she makes to leave, and Rory asks Lorelai to lie to Dean if he calls. She wants Lorelai to tell him that Rory's with Lane. Lorelai asks why she has to lie if this is no big deal. Rory says it won't be okay with Dean if Rory studies with Jess. Lorelai says that perhaps Rory shouldn't do this if she's uncomfortable enough about it that she's asking Lorelai to lie. Rory says she's not asking Lorelai to lie, even though she is. Rory tells Lorelai to not answer the phone, which Lorelai won't do, since she sometimes gets calls at her own house as well. Rory decides to let Lorelai tell Dean that Rory's studying, which isn't exactly a lie, even though it totally is.

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