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Ted Koppel's Big Night Out

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Lorelai gives Digger a call, and says she's ready to make that date. She doesn't cancel, even when Digger tells her to wear something "completely evil."

China Fancy Pants. Lorelai says that the place is amazing. Digger says the coat-check girls are clearly Hong Kong prostitutes flown in. Lorelai spots Ted Koppel. She says they must make best friends with him tonight so that they can go to fancy newscaster parties. "Oh, that sounds fabulous," Digger deadpans. Lorelai and Digger are whisked through the crowded restaurant to the VIP room. This doesn't make Lorelai happy. With the door shut and the noise muffled, Lorelai is pouty. Digger thinks it's nice, but Lorelai thinks the private room is too quiet. The waiter comes back into the room, and Lorelai tries to peek at the raucous party going on outside. Lorelai asks if this is where they're going to eat. Digger says that he requested this VIP room. It's the most coveted room in the place. Lorelai says that everything's going on outside of the room. "So?" Digger asks. Lorelai says it's fun to be out there where everything's happening. Digger doesn't like all the people and the noise, because you can't have a conversation in all that racket. Lorelai says that's why you go out to a place like that: to be a part of the scene. Digger says that the point of being here is to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Lorelai says that the atmosphere is out there. There's a pretty shot of the table as Digger realizes that Lorelai doesn't like the room. Lorelai calls it "weird," the two of them all alone like they're quarantined. Lorelai asks if they can move out there. Digger says they can't, and that this place is way too booked for them to be moved. Lorelai says that they could eat at the bar. Digger doesn't like eating at the bar, because his feet dangle on the stools. I hear ya, Digger. He thinks they should just go, because they're uncomfortable. "Let's go," he says. "Ted would." And Lorelai, who always gets her way, doesn't thank him for getting her a table at the hottest place in town, and doesn't thank him for being so persistent and trying to impress her and make her happy, and doesn't apologize for embarrassing him and making him feel like a loser. Instead, she gets up, and they leave without so much as a tip for reserving the VIP room on short notice.

Lorelai isn't done yet, because now they're in the car debating what's going to happen. It is decided that Lorelai is just going to go home and that there's no need for a date now. Lorelai says she's not hungry anyway, since she ate all day at the Yale game. Finally, both Lorelai and Digger admit that they are starving. Lorelai tells Digger to take the next exit.

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