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Outside the store, Lorelai and Digger eat their feast on a picnic table. Digger says that they put together a nice spread. He wishes they were still selling alcohol. Lorelai remembers that she swiped Richard's Fun Flask. She pulls it out and pours them each a paper cup full. I appreciate the Glade candle burning between them. Digger asks Lorelai what made her change her mind. Lorelai pretty much admits that it was because she had a fight with her mom. That makes a guy feel wanted, huh? Digger says that whatever Emily did that day, he hopes she'll do it again tomorrow night.

Digger leaves to pick up some giant egg rolls as Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's Rory, asking how the date went. Lorelai says it's still going on. "Really? How dirty," Rory coos. Lorelai says that they're at the West Hills Market drinking booze from paper cups. Rory: "Really? How pathetic." Lorelai says that Digger made sure she got her potato chips. Rory: "Really? How confusing." Lorelai asks how the grandparents are doing. Rory says they aren't speaking. Rory read during the game. Rory is at a fancy-looking coffee kiosk, and says that Lorelai owes her gory details. "Just remember you're sleeping with every single person he's ever slept with," Rory adds. You kiss your mother with that mouth? As Rory hangs up and heads to wherever, she stops when she sees something ahead. At first glance, it appears Richard is kissing Pennilyn. But then we get a closer look. Paris and Michael York! Paris and Michael York! My eyes! My eyes! Dude. Paris just jammed her tongue into his mouth. I'm too strangely titillated to make the proper Logan's Run joke. But the joke's on us. This is the last image we get to see until the next new episode 2004. See ya next year, everybody. Happy holidays. I'm hoping for a new, pretty television for Christmas.

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