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Rory freaks out when she sees Luke's new helper boy. He's Brennan Lewis, and apparently he's "Ew!" Rory went to junior high with him. When they dissected frogs, Brennan didn't wash his hands afterward, and then he ate a sandwich. Rory calls him the lost Farrelly brother, and then says that Brennan is so stupid that after he watched The Breakfast Club, he taped his own butt cheeks together. Lorelai says they should give him a chance, since Luke hired him. Brennan brings over the pancakes. He doesn't remember Rory from seven years ago. Rory can't believe he doesn't remember her. Brennan admits that he's seen a lot of frogs in his life. Lorelai laughs, and Rory's pretty close to rude in Brennan's face. Seriously, there's almost no difference here between Brennan and Jess standing in front of Rory, pretending not to know what she's talking about, not getting her what she wants, and not getting it. Lorelai says to Rory: "Your kids will be gorgeous." Rory sneers, and we go to opening credits.

Yale cafeteria. Paris and Rory sit with Richard, who tells a lengthy story about a "chubby" roommate of his in college whom everyone hated, so at night when he slept, they'd tie the boy between two mattresses and toss him out the window. The boy would then sleep on the ground, undisturbed. This happened night after night for a month until the boy finally transferred schools. Establishing her granddaddy complex for us early on, Paris gushes to Richard about how grateful she is that he invited her to lunch to hear his old Yale stories. Richard says he's lucky to get to entertain two lovely, young ladies. Paris: "You are a honey-tongued devil, aren't you, Dick?" Rory makes the appropriate "ew" face. Richard asks the girls their plans for the game. Rory doesn't know what that means, but Paris brags that she had bought her tickets a month ago, because this is The Game, something that is a college memory. Paris is collecting college memories like some of us save movie tickets. Richard tells Rory that he and Emily buy a block of seats for this game every year, and that this year they bought a seat for her. Rory puts on a polite face and says she'd love to go. Paris says this will be "a day to remember."

Michael York walks up and says hello to Richard. Michael York is playing an esteemed professor named Asher Fleming. Paris loves Asher Fleming, and has read his latest book four times. She tells this to Rory as Michael York and Richard catch up. "He was on Charlie Rose last week and it almost kept me awake," Paris says. Let's just take a second to think about the stuntcasting this show has done for November sweeps. This sure ain't NBC. There's no Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, and Madonna. It's Traci Lords, Sebastian Bach, and Michael York. It is one of the many reasons I love this show. Paris wonders if she can get Michael York to give her an interview for the paper. Rory says it's her grandfather who knows Michael York, so Rory should get the interview. She then admits that she was just trying to drive Paris crazy. "Like that's hard," Paris says. "Be proud." So, anyway, Basil Exposition is doing just that with Richard so that we know he is a former classmate of Richard's. Paris gushes that she loved him on Charlie Rose. "Well, Charlie Rose is a good friend of mine," Michael York says. "Whatever," Paris says. She asks him for an interview for tomorrow. He agrees, pronouncing "schedule" with the hard "c" instead of "shed-ule," the way I'll bet he does in real life. As Michael York walks away, Paris shouts, "I'm a fan!" She then realizes that she probably should have opened with that sentence. Rory notes that if she had, she wouldn't be Paris.

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