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The sea of blue that is "Yale." Lorelai can't believe so many people are up on a Saturday morning. Rory says that they're excited about life, but she finds nothing exciting before 11. Lorelai wonders who just shouted out a "yoo-hoo," and then discovers that it was her own mother. I thought schools in the Northeast went this crazy over basketball, and that it was only in the south that people were this nuts over football. Emily tells Lorelai that if she's going to continue sitting on the ground like that, she should get herself a saxophone and a tip cup. Heh. Anyway, Richard and Emily are decked out in Yale blue, and Emily frets over Lorelai's unfortunate decision to wear "crimson" today. Lorelai argues for a while, but ends up having to wear Emily's jacket and scarf to cover up her Harvard colors as Lorelai delivers an awkward Kill Bill joke. Rory has brought six thousand seventy-two Fig Newtons because sometimes Rory is a total tool. Richard and Emily laugh and laugh and laugh about the Fig Newtons, but we never get to find out exactly why. Is it an old Yale story, or is it because they're so rich they're having their own block party? I don't know. Rory and Lorelai can't believe the game doesn't start until 1. "Then why the hell did you meet us here at 9?" Lorelai whines. Emily asks if she has to talk like Sharon Osbourne. Lorelai points out Emily's dirty button; it tells Harvard to go to hell. Richard says that the game day is filled with rituals and traditions. It's time for a visit to Dan. "Who's Dan?" Lorelai and Rory ask over and over.

We've seen this alley before -- when Rory was getting her ID -- but now it has a glass case with a stuffed bulldog in it. This is Dan, the first Handsome Dan, the mascot of Yale. ["I'm so sure they'd keep a taxidermied dog in a glass case, outside, in Connecticut." -- Wing Chun] Emily pulls out a few collapsible shot glasses and prepares a toast using two flasks -- the virgin "Rory flask" and the "Fun Flask." I used to have one of those collapsible cups when I was in grade school, but it was plastic. I loved it so much. I used to take it to the water fountain and fill it up to have a glass of water on my desk. I was the biggest dork in the history of the educational system. It's true. ["No, I am. When I was in Grade 7, I once brought in a little spice rack from home and taped it to the side of my desk -- with Scotch tape -- so I could have a place to put my little dictionaries and thesaurus and stuff. Another time, I brought a portable typewriter from home to use on my desk. But in order for the noise of my typing not to disturb the other students, I would just strike each key very gently and then, when the little arm slowly came up, I would grab it and press it on the paper. I don't know why I did these things. And then the next year I went to a different school and had a hard time making friends because my reputation as a gaywad preceded me." -- Wing Chun] Richard leads the toast -- a dedication to Dan. They drink. "I like football," Lorelai says. Richard pours everyone another, and admits that he's always wanted to be able to share this day with his granddaughter. Maybe he could have taken her one time in the past eighteen years. The second toast is to Rory. Richard starts a fight cheer, and everyone knows the song but Rory and Lorelai. Way to show some school spirit, Rory. Emily tells Lorelai that Cole Porter wrote this fight song. "Was that before he learned to write songs?" Lorelai asks. Ha. The young extras enjoy their moment in the sun, singing their hearts out around Richard. Emily declares it time to move on, and packs up her shot glass. Lorelai says a sentence that ends with the words "with nuts in our mouths." Richard and Lorelai enjoy one last shot. Richard tells Rory and Lorelai that they're off to a tailgate party, adding that tailgating was invented at Yale. The scene ends with Lorelai making another "Fun Flask" joke.

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