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"She's an odd little duck, that one," Emily says to Lorelai. I realize she's talking about Paris. Richard asks why he doesn't have one of those Bloody Marys. Emily stands to pour him one. An uptight blonde named Pennilyn walks up and says hello. Emily's immediately on edge. Drunk Lorelai makes an ass out of herself playing Basil Exposition for us, and tells us that Pennilyn Lott was Richard's "sweetheart" before Emily, and then she calls Pennilyn her "my almost-mommy." Lorelai says she's so happy finally to meet Pennilyn, and then asks if Pennilyn would have let Lorelai get a pony. See, Lorelai has had many almost-husbands and gone through several relationships, letting Rory have many almost-dads, so she doesn't see why Emily and Richard are mortified at Lorelai's remarks. Pennilyn leaves. Emily asks Lorelai if anything works above her neck. She says they don't talk to Pennilyn Lott. They run into her once a year and make pleasant small talk and that's it. They do not have conversations or talk about their lives. They do not joke with her, or refer to her as anything other than "Pennilyn Lott." Lorelai ends the scene again with yet another reference to the "Fun Flask."

Luke finds a line around the block not to Al's Pancake World (which I guess went under at the end of the third season), but to the bakery. Miss Patty is there, as are Gypsy, Kirk, and the Reverend Skinner. Luke tells Kirk that the pepper jack cheese Kirk wanted is now in. Kirk admits that he's probably not coming by today. Luke says he doesn't want to be left with three pounds of cheese on his hands, and asks why everyone is lined up there. Miss Patty says it seemed like a nice day for pie. The Reverend tells Luke that they're all there for lunch. Kirk says they're not going to eat at the diner anymore. "We hate the kid," Miss Patty says. "Brennan?" Luke asks. Kirk: "Brennan, Satan -- whatever." Luke says they're all overreacting. Gypsy says that Brennan's really weird, and that sometimes he just stares at you and laughs. Luke preaches to all of them that Brennan's just a kid who needs a chance, and that not long ago Luke was a kid whom not everybody in Stars Hollow liked, but that he was given a chance and turned into this guy everyone loves. Luke tells all of them that they're no longer allowed in his diner. From now on, every day is a nice day for pie. Luke turns to see Brennan performing an air-guitar rendition of "Nookie" while standing on Luke's tables. Luke turns back to the group and asks them to give him ten minutes. Kirk shakes an appreciative fist in the air.

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