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Having heard the raging cursing debate going on in the MBTV GG forum, Lorelai starts off the scene at Emily's table by saying, "Kick-ass wine." Emily compliments Lorelai on her vocabulary. They debate the wine until Rory asks when Emily and Grampa are leaving for Martha's Vineyard. They aren't going this year because Emily tried to make the reservations too late and their usual rental house wasn't available. Lorelai tries to suggest other places they could vacation instead, offering Paris as a possibility. Rory immediately agrees. Emily says that they only go to Europe in the fall. Lorelai says that Europe is still there in the spring. Emily says, "We know it is there in the spring but we never go in the spring because we always go there in the fall." Lorelai says the conversation is getting a little "too Lewis Carroll" for her. Grampa asks what is so interesting about Europe in the spring. Lorelai says that there are spring vegetables. Emily scoffs. Lorelai says that there are festivals, and "you know...Europe." "In the fall," Emily says. Grampa says that they can only afford to go to Europe every two years. "In the fall," Emily says. Grampa says that it's just not in the budget. Lorelai says that they don't have to fly First Class. Emily and Grampa freeze their forks in mid-air and look at Lorelai in shock. Lorelai stumbles and mumbles about Coach and internet specials and basically keeps digging a hole all the way back to Stars Hollow.

Rory studies her notecards about Catherine the Great as Lorelai fixes a button on Rory's jacket. She asks Rory to stop moving around so that she doesn't prick herself. Rory reads off long names while Lorelai makes jokes to herself ("But everybody called her 'Kitten'"). Lorelai pricks her thumb and asks Rory to stop moving. Rory apologizes. There's a knock at the door. Rory runs to get it. Yay! It's Babette! Lorelai asks whether Babette wants some coffee. Babette says she doesn't and that she just came over to ask a favor. Lorelai makes her coffee anyway. Babette's husband Morey just got asked to play a gig in New York so they have to leave tonight. But they just bought a new "baby" -- a kitten named Apricot. She says the kitten is too small to go with them and too new to be left alone in the house, and asks whether Rory can housesit for the evening. Rory immediately says that she will. Babette tells Rory that there's plenty of food in the kitchen and that Morey just got cable so Rory can watch "those four girls talkin' dirty" if she wants. Babette asks whether they have a key. They do. She tells Rory to have a good time and that she'll be back tomorrow, bids the "crazy girls" goodbye, and leaves. Lorelai immediately starts teasing Rory that she "jumped at the chance" to spend the night away from her. She says that there was only one other night they didn't spend together. Lorelai really is a good mom, because she doesn't mention that the night in question is the night Rory slept with CuteDean in Miss Patty's studio. My mom would have a t-shirt made that reminded me of the time I had her worried sick. Lorelai says that Paul and Linda McCartney only spent eleven nights apart from each other over their entire relationship. Rory doesn't mention, here, that she and Lorelai aren't married. Rory says that when she goes to college she'll be away from home every night. Lorelai says that she's planning on moving into the dorm and sleeping on the floor next to Rory's bed. Rory says it's good that Lorelai has a plan. Lorelai asks whether Rory would like to take a picture of her for tonight so if she gets lonely she can talk to it, and looks for the perfect picture as we fade to black.

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